How do you implement S-Box?

How do you implement S-Box?

Mathematically, an S-box is a vectorial Boolean function. In general, an S-box takes some number of input bits, m, and transforms them into some number of output bits, n, where n is not necessarily equal to m. An m×n S-box can be implemented as a lookup table with 2m words of n bits each.

How is S-Box calculated?

AES S- Box is a matrix of (16 x 16 = 256) elements in which rows and columns are having values ranging from 0 to 15 (0 to f in hexadecimal). Each byte of S-Box is mapped to its multiplicative inverse in GF(28), where 00 is mapped into itself. Then, an affine transforma- tion (over GF(2)) is computed.

What is the size of S-Box used in AES 128?

In the SubBytes operation, each of the 16 bytes in the state matrix is replaced by another value according to an 8-bit S-box. In the standard AES, the AES S-box is used whose full description is available to the adversary.

What is the main purpose of S-Box?

An S-box is a substitution box and it is the only non-linear component in the cipher. Its main purpose is to obscure the relationship between the key, the plaintext, and the ciphertext.

What is the difference between a P box and an S-box?

Substitution boxes and permutation boxes are key components of modern block ciphers. S-boxes are non-linear transformations of a few input bits that provide confusion and P-boxes simply shuffle the input bits around to provide diffusion as we’ve talked about before.

How many S-boxes are there in AES algorithm?

In order to transform 128-bit input data, a total of 16 ROM structures of S-Box are utilised which enormously increase the hardware complexity in the AES algorithm.

Does AES use S-Box?

The S-Box is one of the most important components of AES. During SubByte transformation, the eight bit input is substituted by eight bit output using the S-Box. S-Box is constructed by composing two transformation – multiplicative inverse in Galois Field GF(2 8 ) followed by an affine transformation.

How many inputs and outputs are there in S-Box?

There are 256 = 16 × 16 possible 8-bit numbers, and so the S-box can be represented as a 16 by 16 table mapping inputs to outputs.

What is an S-box in Des?

In cryptography, an S-Box (Substitution-box) is a basic component of symmetric key algorithms which performs substitution. The 8 S-Boxes of DES were the subject of intense study for many years out of a concern that a backdoor — a vulnerability known only to its designers — might have been planted in the cipher.

What are the steps in Feistel function?

As shown in Figure 2, the Feistel structure consists of multiple rounds of processing of the plaintext, with each round consisting of a substitution step followed by a permutation step. The input block to each round is divided into two halves that I have denoted L and R for the left half and the right half.

What is the function of the S-box in the AES algorithm?

The substitution bytes (S-Box) in AES algorithm plays an important role as it provides confusion in the cipher text [10, 11]. The basic function of S-Box is to transforms the 8 bits input data into 8 bits secret data using a precomputed look-up-table (LUT).

What is the function of S-Box in AES algorithm?