What does FDC stand for USMC?

What does FDC stand for USMC?

Fire Direction Center (FDC)

What does FDC stand for mortars?

Two fire direction computer personnel are located in the FDC of each type of mortar section with the exception of the 60-mm mortar. By having two computers, it not only reduces the possibility of errors but increases the speed and efficiency of the operation.

What are the responsibilities of the fire support Coordinator FSC?

The FSC is personally responsible for the following: – Supervising and coordinating the development of overall fire support plans. – Supervising and coordinating the development of air, artillery, naval gunfire plans. – Resolving conflicts regarding selection of targets and employment means. – Reviewing fire plans.

What are the two aspects of fire support?

The first aspect concerns the general security the fire support system must provide the force as a whole. Protecting the force is a prime consideration in the basic task of supporting forces in contact. The second aspect involves sustaining the survivability of the fire support system.

What is the max Ord of 120mm mortar?

M120A1/M121 120mm Mortar: Maximum Range (meters): 7,240 (with standard fuze)

What are permissive fire support coordination measures?

The purpose of this permissive fire control measure is to allow the corps and its subordinate and supporting units (such as the Air Force) to expeditiously attack targets of opportunity beyond the FSCL. The attack of targets beyond the FSCL by Army assets should be coordinated with supporting tactical air.

What is a Fscl?

Fire support coordination lines (FSCLs) facilitate the expeditious attack of surface targets of opportunity beyond the coordinating measure. An FSCL does not divide an area of operations by defining a boundary between close and deep operations or a zone for close air support.

What does Ttlodac stand for?


Term What Does TTLODAC Stand for? Definition TGT #, Trigger, Location, Observer, Delivery System, Attack Guidance, Communication.
Term What does TPEA stand for? Definition Task-Purpose-Execution-Assesment.

What happens if you deny orders USMC?

Articles 90 through 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice make it a punishable offense for military personnel to refuse orders from a superior commissioned or non-commissioned officer. Marines who disobey orders are subject to court-martial proceedings based on these articles.