What is the pH of monochloroacetic acid?

What is the pH of monochloroacetic acid?

We are being asked to calculate the pH of a 0.10-M solution of monochloroacetic acid (HC2H2ClO2). The pH of a 0.10-M solution of monochloroacetic acid is 1.96.

Is monochloroacetic acid a strong acid?

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is a much stronger acid than Acetic Acid, from a chemical ionization standpoint, because the electronegative Chlorine atoms draw electron density away from the carboxyl end of the molecule, creating a partial positive charge on the carboxyl group, and allowing easier removal of the positively …

What makes monochloroacetic acid acidic?

Consequently, the O-H bond gets weakened and the release of H+ ion is favored. Moreover, the negative charge present on the carboxylate ion gets dispersed and its stability is increased. Thus, the acid strength of the acid increases. Hence both the conditions make chloroacetic acid more acidic than acetic acid.

Is chloroacetic acid a weak acid?

Chloroacetic acid is a stronger acid than acetic acid.

Why is chloroacetic acid more acidic?

Due to the inductive effect of the chlorine atom the electron density is reduced over the already weakened O-H bond in the carboxylic moiety (due to the presence of alpha carbonyl group) which in turn make it a stronger acid than acetic acid as the ease of releasing the hydrogen to the base is increased.

Is acetic acid or chloroacetic acid stronger?

Chlorine being a strong electron withdrawing group uses inductive effect to pull the negative charge towards itself , resulting in reduced negative charge density on the oxygen atom, hence stabilizing the conjugate base of chloroacetic acid. …

Which acid is stronger than acetic acid?

An acid is considered stronger if it can lose a hydrogen easily to a base. Out of acetic acid and formic acid, formic acid is considered stronger because the CH3 in acetic acid is electron donating.