Is Parker Young single?

Is Parker Young single?

In July 2018, he and his fiancée, Stephanie Webber, welcomed a daughter named Jaxon Orion Young.

Who is Parker Young dating?

Parker has been engaged to to his high school sweetheart since 2018. Parker has known his fiancée Stephanie Webber since they were just 17.

Who was Parker Young in Arrow?

Alex Davis
Parker Charles William Young (born August 16, 1988) is an American actor. He portrayed Alex Davis in Arrow.

Does Parker Young have a brother?

Nelson Young
Parker Young/Brothers

Who plays Richard Evans on imposters?

Parker Young
Parker Young as Richard Evans, Maddie’s former husband and fellow conned ex. He tracks down Ezra while looking for Maddie and they launch an investigation together.

Who is Alex Davis on Arrow?

Alex Davis (Parker Young)

Alex Davis
General Information
Real name: Alex Davis
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Parker Young

Who is Alex on Arrow?

Will there be Season 3 of imposters on Netflix?

Imposters season 3 renewal status Imposters is currently canceled, meaning season 3 is not in the works. There are currently two seasons of Imposters. The original channel of it was Bravo, but Netflix acquired the distribution rights of the series. So, you can watch two seasons of Imposters on Netflix right now.

What happened to Sally in imposters?

After connning Ezra Bloom, Max ended up turning Sally over to The Doctor’s enforcer, Lenny Cohen. Sally was believed to be dead by Max and Maddie until the Doctor sent Sally to interrogate Max on the location of Ezra, Richard, and Jules Langmore.

Is Alex working for Darhk?

Working for Ruvé and involvement with H.I.V.E. Oliver apologized and Alex accepted this gracefully and left. Shortly after, Alex was offered the position as the Chief of Staff to Ruvé, who became the new mayor after winning the election by default.

What happened to Andy Diggle?

Sometime after 2010, while working as a bodyguard, Andy was shot by Deadshot, who was hired by H.I.V.E. and presumed dead. His death however, was faked by H.I.V.E., who hired him for their operations.