Do I need an NMFC code?

Do I need an NMFC code?

Does Freight NMFC Classification Really Need to Be On the BOL? Short answer is YES – if you want to protect your company from up-charges during shipping you must do the research, and select the right National Motor Freight Classification Number for the particular commodity you are shipping.

What is class 55 in shipping?

Class 50 – Over 50 lbs. Class 55 – 35-50 lbs. Class 60 – 30-35 lbs. Class 65 – 22.5-30 lbs.

What is shipping Class 70?

Class 70 (15-22.5 pounds per cubic foot) – Food items, car parts, and accessories, automobile engines. Class 92.5 (10.5-12 pounds per cubic foot) – Computers, monitors, refrigerators, ice machines. Class 100 (9-10.5 pounds per cubic foot) – Calculators, wine cases, canvas, furniture.

What is NMFC number?

In layman’s terms, NMFC was created to have a standardized starting point to determine rates in each class. These classes range from 50 to 500. The NMFC numbers are determined by a combination of density, stowability, ease of handling and liability.

How do I figure out the NMFC number?

To find the correct NMFC item number for your shipment, use the NMFC Lookup on your freight quote or bill of lading, or log in to your account to request an NMFC.

How do I find my NMFC code?

To find the NMFC number that applies to your specific shipment, consult with the freight company you are using to ship your package. It will be able to help you classify your shipment and determine shipping costs.

What is the NMFC number for Class 100?

CLASS 100, NMFC code 99992 – Hops – Loose, Flowers, lighter per box.

What is a Class 50 freight?

Freight Class 50 can generally be described as those items that have a high density per cubic foot. The NMFC defines this as 50 pounds and above per cubic foot. Most often items that fall into NMFC Class 50 are heavy manufactured items that fit neatly on a pallet, bricks, sand, nuts & bolts for example.

What is the Nmfc number for Class 70?

CLASS 70, NMFC code 99992 – Hops – Pellets compressed.

What does class mean on a bill of lading?

Freight class is a standardized shipping industry pricing classification establishing uniform parameters for commerce between multiple brokers, warehouses and carriers. It is determined based upon a range of factors, including: ease of handling, value, weight, length, height, density and liability.

What is the NMFC number for Class 70?

How do I find my shipping Class Code?

Freight Class Calculator

  1. First measure the height, width, and depth of the shipment.
  2. Multiply the three measurements (height x width x depth).
  3. Finally, divide the weight (in pounds) of the shipment by the total cubic feet.

Where can you look up a NMFC item number?

To find the correct NMFC item number for your shipment, use the NMFC Lookup on your freight quote or bill of lading, or log in to your account to request an NMFC.

What does NMFC stand for in shipping?

Definition: NMFC. NMFC stands for National Motor Freight Classification. It refers to a standard that’s used to compare among commodities moving in commerce. It’s published by National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). In NMFC, commodities are grouped in 18 groups, ranging from class 50(low freight) to class 500 (high freight).

What is freight Class Code?

Freight class codes are made to help get commonly standardized freight prices for shipment whenever using different carriers, warehouses, and agents. These codes are described by the National Engine Freight Visitors Association ( NMFTA ) and offered through the NMFC or National Engine Freight Classification.

What is freight classification?

What is freight classification? Freight Classification (“class”) is a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) standard used to classify and rate commodities (items you are shipping) primarily based on their density and value.