Can I get a job with Six Sigma?

Can I get a job with Six Sigma?

A Six Sigma certification is one such essential certification course that is becoming increasingly popular and is seeing a great deal of participation. However, many might wonder if this certification would really help them land a job or bring about improvements in their job prospects. The answer is yes, it does.

What are good Six Sigma jobs?

Industries that rely on the expertise of Six Sigma professionals include automotive, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Green Belt certification is a requirement for many process engineering, quality assurance, and manufacturing jobs.

Is Six Sigma still in demand?

Healthcare Industry And Six Sigma The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that healthcare is expected to add four million jobs by 2026. Project managers and Six Sigma-trained professionals are increasingly in demand in healthcare.

How much can you make with a Six Sigma certification?

According to salary data published on, the salary for Lean Six Sigma certified individuals can reach or exceed $117,000 a year. Experienced Lean Six Sigma certified practitioners routinely earn $100,000 or more and are among the highest-paid professionals around the globe.

Is Six Sigma worth it resume?

When an employer sees a Six Sigma certification on your resume, it tells them that you will be able to work independently and get started on tasks that need to be done without waiting for instruction. It indicates your commitment to improving yourself.

Does Six Sigma look good on a resume?

A Lean Six Sigma Certification can open up new career vistas by giving you an edge over others. For instance, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification can make you land up with flourishing job profiles like a process engineer, data scientist, consultant, business analyst, project manager and the like.

Is a Six Sigma certification worth it?

With a Lean Six Sigma certification you will be able to command a bigger salary. Experienced Lean Six Sigma certification holders are among the highest paid professionals globally. The two most well known certifications for Lean Six Sigma are the Green Belt and Black Belt certifications.

Is Lean Six Sigma difficult?

The ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt examination is a rigorous and difficult exam. It requires disciplined study, experience, and a sound preparation and test-taking strategy. Many people study for months and still fail.