What is 2-up printing?

What is 2-up printing?

In printing, 2-up, 3-up, or more generally N-up, is a page layout strategy in which multiple pre-rendered pages are composited onto a single page; achieved by reduction in size, possible rotations, and subsequent arrangement in a grid pattern.

What does 2-up 4 up mean in printing?

A Two-Up format creates two images per press impression, a Three-Up format creates three images per press impression, a Four-Up format creates four images per impression and so on. In its purest sense, the term “Up” refers to multiple impressions of the same image at the same time.

What does N-up mean on a printer?

N-up printing allows you to print two or four pages on single sheets of paper.

What is a 3 up?

This refers to when a team sends three batters to the plate in the inning and all three end up getting called out. For example, a player can be on first base with one out, but the batter then ends the inning when they hit into a double play.

What does 12 pp mean in printing?

Printed pages
Printed pages. Refers to the number of pages in a document e.g. 12pp = 12 pages. Will always include the covers when printing a booklet. Related Articles: How to tell how many printed pages (PP) are in your brochure.

What does 4’s up mean?

Martin conceived a way to represent the four letters of his school as well as the eight-clap, the Bruins’ iconic cheer. It involved holding out four fingers on each hand with the thumbs tucked in. Four plus four equaled eight, not to mention a new hand signal known as Fours Up.

What is a three up?

Wiktionary. three-upnoun. A gambling game played with three coins.

What does 8pp mean?

8 printed pages
Hi @mil5om, 8pp means 8 printed pages, so the number of sides of A4 or A5 etc that will be printed, including the covers.

What is 3 up 3 down mean?

Filters. (baseball) To record three outs in an inning without allowing a batter to reach first base. noun.

What does 3up 3 down mean?

three up, three down To face just three batters in an inning. Unlike in a 1-2-3 inning, batters are permitted to reach base so long as only three batters are faced by the pitcher. For instance, a single, then a strikeout, then a double play is a three up three down inning, but not a 1-2-3 inning.

What does pp mean on a print?

Printers Proof
PP – Printers Proof This edition is usually held by the printer and can be signed by the artist.