What happened to the Broken Spoke?

What happened to the Broken Spoke?

The Broken Spoke has been closed for several months because it’s classified as a bar by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. But owner James White recently obtained a food and beverage permit so his business can operate as a restaurant.

Who owns the Broken Spoke in Austin Texas?

James White
James White, owner and founder of Austin’s legendary Broken Spoke, laid to rest Sunday. Family members of James White, the owner of Austin honky tonk the Broken Spoke, updated the marquee sign in front of the venue to commemorate his life.

Was the Broken Spoke in pure country?

Inspired in part by Crow’s instrumental fiddle tune “Broken Spoke Waltz,” James wrote a song called “Broken Spoke Legend” that Crow recorded (with James singing lead) on his 1989 album “Pure Country.”

Did the Broken Spoke close?

AUSTIN, Texas – The Broken Spoke, a popular dance hall in South Austin, has closed due to the coronavirus. The business reported the closure on Twitter, saying they don’t take this lightly.

Is there a cover charge at Broken Spoke?

Free – $12; Cover Charge Depends on Day.

Is Broken Spoke 21 and up?

10 answers. over a year ago. Not in the dance hall, but children are welcome in the restaurant.

Who is the woman in pure country?

Isabel Glasser
Isabel Glasser: Harley Tucker Jump to: Photos (2)

Can kids go to Broken Spoke Austin?

Not in the dance hall, but children are welcome in the restaurant.

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