How do you get the 21 sacraments to end?

How do you get the 21 sacraments to end?

In the “Escape” ending of Silent Hill 4, Henry Townshend is able to stop the ritual from happening by defeating Walter, saving both Eileen and himself. The “21 Sacraments” ending, however, shows the ritual being successfully completed.

What is the canon ending to Silent Hill 4?

The Good Ending sees Alessa reincarnate one last time, giving the baby to Harry, who escapes as Nowhere collapses. In Good+, Cybil escapes with him. In Bad+, Alessa vanishes forever and Harry is left emotionally broken, Cybil trying to snap him out of it as Nowhere collapses.

Does Silent Hill 4 have multiple endings?

As traditional in Silent Hill, Silent Hill 4 contains multiple endings. A total of four endings can be achieved, and for the first time all endings in the game are serious and normal endings. Therefore, there are no joke endings and so there is no UFO ending, unlike the past three games.

What is the good ending of Silent Hill?

At the end of the movie, the devil enters Rose to gain entrance to the cult’s sanctuary to finally fulfill the promise of revenge to Alessa. Earlier, Sharon was found and protected by Alessa’s mother, Dahlia, but the cult locates them, intending to burn Sharon and Cybil alive to cleanse them by fire.

What are 21 sacraments?

The 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother or simply known as the 21 Sacraments is a ceremony taught in the haunted town Silent Hill’s local religious cult known as The Order, specifically the group’s Holy Mother Sect.

Does Silent Hill have different endings?

There are a total of five endings in Silent Hill, but only four can be achieved the first time through the game. The fifth ending, the UFO ending can only be achieved in a Next Fear game and is a joke ending. The following are all five endings and the requirements to get them.

How is Silent Hill 4 connected?

Silent Hill 1-4 are all directly connected to each other. After that, other developers took over and started doing their own takes with loosely connected sequels that took a lot of liberties.