What should I look for when buying a gas trimmer?

What should I look for when buying a gas trimmer?

Look for trimmers with adjustable-length shafts or handles so you can customize the size to your height. Noise output: Gas-powered trimmers are always the loudest; corded electric and battery-powered trimmers are quieter. Even so, it’s best to use ear protection when running string trimmers.

Which string trimmer is best?

The Best String Trimmers. After new tests, the Ego ST1511T Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload is our pick. We’ve added the Worx WG170. 2 GT Revolution 20V PowerShare String Trimmer and Edger as a pick for small lawns.

What is better a straight shaft or curved shaft trimmer?

If your trimming needs focus primarily around grass and weeds, the curved shaft could stand out as a “smarter” option. This weighs even further considering the lower average cost. Straight shaft string trimmers will make a lot of sense for those who require a more functional and durable option.

Is round or twisted trimmer line better?

Twisted string provides a cleaner cut than a round string in thick weeds and has comparable durability around hard surfaces. The reduced air resistance makes it operate with less noise and vibration of the trimmer head than other string shapes.

Which is better gas or battery trimmer?

Battery-powered trimmers are good for a yard up to about a 1/2 acre, and they can tackle much larger yards if you have multiple batteries that you can charge and swap in. Gasoline string trimmers work for a yard of any size.

What are straight shaft trimmers best for?

Straight shaft trimmers are good for hard to reach places such as under decks, behind trees and around fences. These shafts put more distance between the ground and the operator for better reach, and less risk of kickback debris.

How long should my trimmer line be?

Length With Guard On Every trimmer is different but essentially, the length of the wire will be dictated by the guard. There should be a marker on the guard that shows you where the wire should come to. Some trimmers have a length requirement of as little as ten inches whereas others might go up to 25 inches.

Are electric trimmers worth it?

They are great for trimming the areas your lawn mower cannot get, and they can also be used for edging your lawn. Electric grass trimmers can be corded or cordless, are easier to start, maintain, and handle, and also make less noise.

Are gas hedge trimmers better than electric?

Gas: More powerful than electric units but also heavier. The best gas hedge trimmers cut faster than electric trimmers and can be used in damp weather. Portable, not limited by a cord.

Are cordless trimmers worth it?

Ultimately, battery-powered string trimmers are best for small yards rather than large yards because of their time limitations. They also are suited for lawns without too much thick grass and weeds, since they tend to lack in power and torque.