How do you use an inhaler step by step?

How do you use an inhaler step by step?

Breathe in Slowly Hold the inhaler with the mouthpiece down. Place your lips around the mouthpiece so that you form a tight seal. As you start to slowly breathe in through your mouth, press down on the inhaler one time. Keep breathing in slowly, as deeply as you can.

What should you do first when using an MDI?

When using an MDI FOR THE FIRST TIME (with or without a spacer), prime the inhaler first: Shake the MDI for five seconds. Press down the canister with the index finger to release the medication. Hold the inhaler away from your face to prevent medication from getting into your eyes.

How do I teach my patient to use an MDI?

Tell him to hold his breath for 8 to 10 seconds while the medication reaches deep into his airways, then exhale through pursed lips. Teach him to repeat inhalations as directed, allowing 1 minute between puffs. Have him replace the cap on the mouthpiece when he’s finished.

How do you take MDI albuterol?

Breathe in slowly and deeply through the mouthpiece.At the same time, press down once on the container to spray the medication into your mouth. Try to hold your breath for 10 seconds. remove the inhaler, and breathe out slowly. If you were told to use 2 puffs, wait 1 minute and then repeat steps 3-7.

How many times can you use an inhaler?

The normal way for adults and children to use their inhaler is: 1 or 2 puffs of salbutamol when you need it. up to a maximum of 4 times in 24 hours (regardless of whether you have 1 puff or 2 puffs at a time)

How long should you wait between different inhalers?

With some inhalers, you need to wait least 30 to 60 seconds before taking the next puff. This gives the medicine and propellant enough time to mix together. When you breathe out as fully as you can just before taking your inhaler, you create more space in your lungs for your next breath in.

How do you give MDI with spacers?

Put the end of the spacer into your mouth, between your teeth and above your tongue. Close your lips around the spacer. Press down on the inhaler to release the spray, and begin to breathe in through your mouth. Breathe in deeply and slowly (for about 5 seconds) to pull the medicine deep into your lungs.