Who is Renell Medrano?

Who is Renell Medrano?

Renell Medrano has been photographing the people of New York City for almost half of her life since she picked up a camera at 14. Now 27, she has worked for big-name editorial titles such as Vogue, as well as photographing everyone from Kendall Jenner to Jay-Z, Bad Bunny, and Tyler, the Creator.

Where is Renell Medrano from?

the Bronx
Born and raised in the Bronx, Dominican-American photographer and director Renell Medrano creates work that speaks to her heritage, the intersections of culture within society and the communities around her.

Is Renell Medrano black?

My name is Renell Medrano, and I’m a photographer from the Bronx. What’s been your biggest success? My biggest success – and it’s still happening – is being a black female photographer, and being able to work with publications and brands that I didn’t think I would ever work with.

Where does Renell Medrano live?

Born and raised in NYC, Medrano loves how the city allows her to constantly be on her toes and keeps her inspired no matter which neighborhood she visits. She specifically has a love for her home, the Bronx.

How old is ASAP Ferg?

33 years (October 20, 1988)
A$AP Ferg/Age

How old is renell?

There’s a lot more to 24-year-old Renell Medrano than those viral snapshots she captured during Kylie Jenner’s birthday trip to Turks and Caicos last year. The Bronx-born, Parsons-trained photographer, wants to be considered a creative force and it seems as though she’s already on her way.

Who is ASAP Fergs girlfriend?

A$AP Ferg & Girlfriend Renell Medrano.

Who is micaiah Carter?

Micaiah Carter is an editorial and fashion photographer based in Brooklyn, NY who blends fine art, portraiture, and purpose. His images are warm, welcoming, and totally open. Straight after college, Micaiah hit the ground and started sprinting. He has shot for Nike, Vogue, Adweek, Converse, Thom Browne, and many more.

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Is Ferg still ASAP?

A$AP Ferg Is Still Part of the A$AP Mob… According to A$AP Ferg. There’s been trouble in paradise for the A$AP Mob for a while. Following rumors that he was excommunicated from the hip hop collective, A$AP Ferg wants to make one thing clear: he is still, and forever will be, a member of the A$AP Mob.

What does renell mean?

Renell. as a name for girls is of French derivation, and the meaning of the name Renell is “reborn”. Renell is an alternate spelling of Renee (French).