How far can steel joists span?

How far can steel joists span?

deep joist has a maximum Span = 40 ft. between panel points from uniform loads.

How are steel joists fabricated?

A fabricated open web steel joist is provided. If the joist requires an odd number of panels, a “V” (a one-half “W”) is inserted between two W’s within the length of joint, usually at the centre thereof. The joist is welded, with each end and each apex of each “W” and “V” being welded to each of the chord components.

What is a top chord extension?

Top chord extensions are a common but forgotten advantage of steel joists. They are used to create eaves or awnings and can support a wide variety of elements such as cantilevered walkways. In Figure 1, one can see the two different call outs: Simple (S- Type) or Reinforced (R-Type).

How thick are steel joists?

LH-Series Joists have been standardized in depths from 18 inches (457 mm) through 48 inches (1219 mm), for spans through 96 feet (29,260 mm). DLH-Series Joists have been standardized in depths from 52 inches (1321 mm) through 120 inches (3048 mm), for spans up through 240 feet (73,152 mm).

How far can a metal beam span without support?

When it comes to residential projects like houses and smaller buildings, you can expect a steel beam to be eight inches wide. This allows it to span as much as 12 feet before you need another column. Some beams can be 10 inches wide, which will translate to a 14-foot span, at a bare minimum.

Is a truss the same as a joist?

While much different in design and function, joists and trusses are often used together in construction projects. While joists support the weight of floors and ceilings, trusses have a wide variety of applications, including supporting roofs and in bridge design.

What is bottom chord dead load?

Bottom chord: Supports the dead load of ceiling materials and the live loads of homeowners accessing the attic as well as the weight of the items stored in the attic. The bottom chord also serves as a rafter tie and keeps the top of the exterior walls from thrusting outward.

What is top chord of a truss?

The top chord is one of the three key components to any truss. In addition to the bottom chord and webs, the top chord is used to create the upper perimeter of the structure, or the roof. Most top chords are cut with a plumb cut at the peak and overhang and a square cut at splices.