How do I sort a delimited file in Unix?

How do I sort a delimited file in Unix?

To sort by a delimiter pass the -t option to sort along with the delimiter value. For a CSV file this would be , . This can be combined with the -k option to sort on fields within a CSV. The result will be written to standard output.

How do I sort a column in Unix?

-k Option: Unix provides the feature of sorting a table on the basis of any column number by using -k option. Use the -k option to sort on a certain column. For example, use “-k 2” to sort on the second column.

How do I sort by alphabetical order in Linux?

Sort lines of a text file

  1. To sort the file in alphabetical order, we can use the sort command without any options:
  2. To sort in reverse, we can use the -r option:
  3. We can also sort on the column.
  4. Blank space is the default field separator.
  5. In the picture above, we have sorted the file sort1.

How do I sort in Unix?

Unix Sort Command with Examples

  1. sort -b: Ignore blanks at the start of the line.
  2. sort -r: Reverse the sorting order.
  3. sort -o: Specify the output file.
  4. sort -n: Use the numerical value to sort.
  5. sort -M: Sort as per the calendar month specified.
  6. sort -u: Suppress lines that repeat an earlier key.

How do I sort AWK output?

To sort your data to print:

  1. Suppose you want to print 2nd field (whitespace separated) use this: awk ‘{print $2}’ data.txt | sort.
  2. If you want to print the whole of your data.txt but sorted on column 2, then: $awk ‘{print}’|sort -k2 2 Amit 30 1 Kedar 20 3 Rahul 21.

How do I sort multiple files in Linux?

Also, here’s a short summary of how the merge sort works:

  1. sort reads a line from each file.
  2. It orders these lines and selects the one which should come first.
  3. Repeat step 2 until there are no more lines in any file.
  4. At this point, the output should be a perfectly sorted file.

How do I sort by name in Linux?

Sort by Name By default, the ls command sorts by name: that is file name or the folder name. By default the files and folders are sorted together. If you prefer to sort the folders separately and be displayed before the files, then you can use the –group-directories-first option.

How do I sort files in Unix by name?

If you add the -X option, ls will sort files by name within each extension category. For example, it will list files without extensions first (in alphanumeric order) followed by files with extensions like . 1, . bz2, .

Can AWK sort?

One of the functions introduced in GNU awk, asorti(), provides the ability to sort an array by key (or index) or value. You can only sort the array once it has been populated, meaning that this action must not occur with every new record but only the final stage of your script.