Where is Arabuko Sokoke forest found?

Where is Arabuko Sokoke forest found?

The Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve is located on the coast of Kenya, 110 km north of Mombasa and is protected as a national Forest Reserve….

Arabuko Sokoke National Park
Location of Arabuko Sokoke National Park, Kenya
Location Coast Province, Kenya
Nearest city Malindi

How big is Arabuko forest?

420 km2
Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve is a 420 km2 coastal forest in Kenya managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS). It is the largest and most intact coastal forest in East Africa, with 20% of Kenya’s bird species, 30% butterfly species and at least 24 rare and endemic bird, mammal and butterfly species.

Does Kenya have forests?

Kenya’s forests are fragmented across the country, combined, forests cover over 37 million hectares. Out of those 37 million hectares, 2.1 million are woodlands, 24.8 million are bush lands and 10.7 are wooded grasslands. Today Kenya faces high rates of deforestation which endanger both its fauna and flora.

Is arabuko sokoke a lowland forest?

The forest is a lowland dry forest in the Kenyan coast province, starting at sea level with the mangroves at the Mida Creek (Figure 1). …

Where is Mida Creek?

Mida Creek is a natural entrance in the coast about 5 km deep south of Watamu which stands out from the surrounding nature for a completely different fauna and flora creating a unique ecosystem.

Which is the biggest forest in Africa?

Congolese Forest The Congo Basin is Africa’s largest contiguous forest and the second-largest tropical rainforest in the world.

What is Kenya’s national animal?

East African lion
The Official National Animal of Kenya. The national animal of Kenya is the East African lion, Panthera leo melanochaita, who has a tremendous, cinematic roar and a lush mane. Some facts about this lion: it is one of the Big Five that trophy hunters used to bag.

Is Kakamega a lowland forest?

Kakamega Forest is the only forest of its kind in Kenya, home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the country.

What is Kenya’s motto?

Kenya’s motto, harambee, means “pull together.” And indeed, since independence in 1963, many citizen-volunteers have helped build schools and health clinics.

Who is the national animal of USA?

The Founding Fathers made an appropriate choice when they selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation. The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.

What makes Arabuko Sokoke national park so special?

Arabuko-Sokoke National Park and Forest Reserve is a Sanctuary to a number of butterfly species, one of which is the silk butterflies that glitter and beautify the destination with their stunning beauty. With over 200 species of birds, it is not an overstatement to refer Arabuko-Sokoke National Park as a real birder’s Paradise.

What kind of cat is a Sokoke Forest Cat?

Sokoke Forest cats are accomplished athletes, with a fondness for active pursuits. Cupboards and drawers don’t present much of an obstacle to the Sokoke, making cat-proofing well worth the effort. Since these cats like water, it’s important to secure aquariums well, too.

What kind of animals live in Arabuko Sokoke?

Other notable wildlife species to look out for within Arabuko-Sokoke National Park include Primates (such as baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, Sykes monkeys and Vervet monkeys), Caracal, Savannah elephants, Red-legged sun squirrels, African buffaloes, bushbucks, Sokokes, Blotched genets, waterbucks, African Civets.

Are there any genetic issues with the Sokoke cat?

Sokoke cats have a reputation for enjoying robust good health, and to date, there are no known genetic issues with the breed. They are more vulnerable to contagious diseases than most other cats are, as they have little to no built-in resistance to common diseases that affect domestic cats.