Did Saucony discontinue the ride ISO 2?

Did Saucony discontinue the ride ISO 2?

Men’s | Saucony Ride 13 Like other recent updates in Saucony’s lineup, the Ride 13 replaces the ISO version of the same shoe, the Saucony Ride ISO 2; the Saucony Guide 13 replaced the the Guide ISO 2, and the Saucony Triumph 17 took the place of the Triumph ISO 5.

What replaced Saucony ISO 2?

Guide 13
The Guide 13 is the successor to the Saucony Guide ISO 2, and the big difference between the ISO 2 and the 13 is the fit technology. The Guide ISO employed Saucony’s ISOFIT tech, which Saucony says gave the midfoot a dynamic hold that molded to your foot shape and stride.

What is the difference between Saucony Ride ISO and ISO 2?

In the ISO 2, we’re seeing the same design, but with fine-tuning that makes a big difference up top for fit and comfort. There’s an added ISOfit band and less spacing between the floating eyelets, which feel much more secure, and a slightly tweaked collar for better heel grab.

Is Saucony Ride 13 a stability shoe?

Overall, the Saucony Ride 13 is a versatile running shoe, which fits like a dream to provide flexible comfort and a degree of stability (without being a true stability shoe). The outsole has a nice grip with the surface and the upper keeps the foot in place while delivering great support around the heel.

What is the difference between Saucony Ride 10 and Saucony Ride ISO?

Compared to the Ride 10, this year’s shoe is slightly thicker, but didn’t add any weight. That’s due to the new construction where your foot rests down into the top of the midsole—the edges of the foam curve up around your foot for extra security.

What is the difference between Saucony Guide 10 and ISO?

The Guide ISO feels even more neutral than the Guide 10. That’s because of the medial-post sloping away from the rearfoot. This leaves more foam between the upper part of the medial-post and the heel. As a result, the medial-post is less noticeable than the Guide 10.

Is Saucony Ride ISO 2 a neutral shoe?

The Ride ISO 2 is a dependably cushioned shoe that’s not too much, but not too little. The just right amount of soft responsive cushioning and accommodating upper make it a solid single shoe choice for the neutral runner.

Is Saucony 13 true to size?

Go with your regular running shoe size, the Ride 13 is true to size. JEREMY: This shoe is cushy, the upper fits well and is both breathable in the heat and comfortable. The toe box is wide and overall the shoe fits very well. Underfoot it’s right in the sweet spot, not feeling too bouncy or soft.