What is the blue port on a sound card?

What is the blue port on a sound card?

The color-coded jacks on the sound card The light blue port is normally the line input port and is usually stereo. The green port is normally the headphone output port, also usually stereo. Check your computer manual to be sure.

What is the uses of blue color in sound card?

The pink and blue jacks are both used as audio inputs for the sound card to record with. The difference is that the pink jack is intended for use with an unpowered microphone, while the blue jack is meant to take a line-level audio input.

Which color is audio output?

Color-coding scheme for connectors and ports

Color Function Connector on PC
User input
Pink Analog microphone audio input (mono or stereo) 3.5 mm TRS
Light blue Analog line level audio input 3.5 mm TRS
Lime green Analog line level audio output, front stereo (speakers or headphones) 3.5 mm TRS

What is blue Line in audio?

Line in or line-in is a jack found on computer sound cards enabling users to connect an external audio device. These devices include CD players, audio mixers, musical instruments, and microphones. The picture of a desktop sound card shows the blue line-in port represented as an arrow pointing into sound waves.

Which color port is audio?

Identify the audio jacks on the back of your computer. Unless your computer is very old, the jacks are color-coded green for line-out — for speakers or headphones — blue for line-in and pink for a microphone.

Which color jack is for speakers?

Connect Speakers to Your Windows PC

Color Connection
Gray Line-in jack (for audio equipment)
Green Speakers or headphone
Pink S/PDIF input
Red Microphone

Where do you plug in audio jack?

Plug the headphone connector on the headset to the green-colored jack on the back of the desktop PC or into the headphone jack on the right or left side of the laptop or netbook.

What if your TV doesn’t have a yellow input?

Important: Some newer TVs do not have the traditional yellow video input, known as an AV connection. Even without that input, you should be able to use the standard three-color Wii AV Cable that came with the system.

What is audio input and output?

An input device sends/inputs information to a computer system, while an output device receives/reproduces information outputted by a computer system. A microphone converts sound waves to audio signals, which are then converted to digital audio data and sent/inputted into a computer.