What are the achievement of Lyttleton constitution of 1954?

What are the achievement of Lyttleton constitution of 1954?

The Main Features of Lyttleton Constitution Membership of the house of representative was increased to 184. The constitution introduced a federal system of government by sharing government power between the Centre and the regions. Lagos was carved out of the west and was made the federal capital territory.

Why is the Lyttleton constitution Important?

The importance of the Lyttleton Constitution of 1954 in the Political development of Nigeria are: (i) It introduced the federal system of government. (ii) It introduced direct elections into the federal, eastern and western legislatures but indirect election by adult male suffrage in the north.

What is Lyttleton constitution?

The Lyttelton Constitution of 1954 was the product of the Macpherson Constitution which was reviewed and revised through constitutional conferences e.g the 1953 London and 1954 Lagos Constitutional Conference. This constitution was enacted while Nigeria was a Crown colony of the British.

What are the features of 1954 constitution?

Features of Lyttleton Constitution of 1954

  • Each region should have an autonomous house of legislative and executive.
  • There was no more central legislative and executive for Nigeria.
  • Each region should have its own civil services.
  • The central government should operate from a neutral place.

What are the advantages of Macpherson constitution?

Merits (Advantages) of Macpherson Constitution The constitution allowed for an increase in the elected majority in both the central and regional legislatures. 3. It granted more powers to the Regions more than power allowed them by the Richards constitution.

What are the advantages of Macpherson Constitution?

What is Lyttleton Constitution weakness?

WEAKNESSESS OF THE LYTTLETON CONSTITUTION The Governor-General still retained veto power as the Head of State who can reject bills and advice. There was no specific plan for independence. The central government was weak since it has no substantive civil service. It ignored the call for the creation of more regions.

What are the disadvantages of Macpherson Constitution?

Disadvantages of MacPherson Constitution of 1951

  • The constitution did not provide for a true political leadership either at the Centre or in the region, for example, there was no provision for the post of the prime minister or premier.
  • It did not provide for coalition or team spirit in the council of ministers.

What is the meaning of Macpherson?

MacPherson or Macpherson is a surname, meaning “son of the parson” in Scottish Gaelic.

What are the two major types of constitution?

Types of Constitution

  • Written and unwritten constitution.
  • Flexible and Rigid Constitution.
  • Unitary and Federal Constitution.
  • Democratic constitution.
  • Republican and Monarchical constitution.
  • Presidential and parliamentary constitution.