How long does Duratain last?

How long does Duratain last?

Our long-lasting commercial grade protective coating creates a tough, transparent barrier that is easy to maintain and eliminates the need for waxing for up to five years.

How much does duratain cost?

The cost for both the VS1 and VS2 application is approximately $784.

Is paint protection on RV worth it?

RV paint and fabric protection plans are usually worth the money because the service and materials are covered in the cost. You can apply for paint and fabric protection yourself, but this isn’t as cost-effective or efficient unless you already have the tools and materials.

What is NanoCure?

Nano Cure Interior and Exterior Protection Specially engineered using the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, NanoCure® offers vehicle owners true protection. A vehicle’s appearance can take a hit in many ways, but with NanoCure, exterior and interior surfaces are covered, no matter how rough the road may get.

How long does ceramic coating last on a RV?

🔹 SO MUCH EASIER THAN WAX – With a single 250ml bottle of this RV Ceramic Coating, you can cover 300 SQFT of your RV exterior with two coats. It lasts 18 months with close to no maintenance.

Can I wax my RV decals?

Decals should be wax just like your RV should be waxed for protection against the elements. Traditional polishes and waxes will discolor or stain decals.

What is NanoCure made of?

NCT is a lightweight, water resistant nylon ripstop with resealing and repairing capabilities. Naturally, nylon rip stop is extremely durable, but when combined with the special double sided coating and the heat of your fingers, small holes and punctures can be repaired.

Can you use ceramic coating on fiberglass RV?

RV Ceramic Top Coating Kit Designed specifically for DIY application on your RV’s gel coat, fiberglass or paint. Restore and protect the surface of your RV for a better-than-new shine that also protects against UV damage and road contaminants.

Can I wax over decals?

You can wax over vinyl stickers, decals and graphics if they are smooth and glossy in appearance. For those that are matte finished it’s best not to wax over them, but we have seen some really good success with Gold Class Trim Detailer lightly applied to matte finished graphics.