What phylum class is chondrichthyes?

What phylum class is chondrichthyes?

Cartilaginous fishes/Phylum

What level of classification is chondrichthyes?

Chondrichthyes is a class of jawed fishes having a cartilaginous skeleton. The class includes a diverse group of fishes including sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras. They are mostly marine fishes….Chondrichthyes Classification.

Kingdom Animalia
Class Chondrichthyes

How many types of chondrichthyes are there?

There are 1,107 described Chondrichthyan species around the world – this includes sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras. Of those species, there are 432 species of sharks.

What is the classification of shark?

Cartilaginous fishes

Are Chondrichthyes Amniotes?

Or based on their embryonic characteristics Anamniotes – vertebrates that lack an amnion, or extraembryonic membrane that surrounds the embryo and encases it in amniotic fluid. Includes Myxini, Cephalaspidomorpha, Chondrichthyes, Osteichthyes, Amphibia. Amniotes – vertebrates that possess an amnion.

What makes Chondrichthyes unique?

Key Features of Chondrichthyes Resemble bony fish and terrestrial vertebrates in having jaws and paired appendages. An electroreceptive system is well developed. Endoskeleton entirely cartilaginous. No swim bladder or lung.

Is Chondrichthyes a class?

chondrichthyan, (class Chondrichthyes), also called chondrichthian, any member of the diverse group of cartilaginous fishes that includes the sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras.

Do Chondrichthyes have side fins?

Species in this class have paired fins, hard scales, a two-chambered heart, and a pair of nostrils. Sharks have fins on their back, sides, and stomachs. The fins on their back are called dorsal fins. Some species have one dorsal fin and others have two dorsal fins.

What is the function of Chondrichthyes?

They can see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and maintain their equilibrium. The roles of the sense organs have been studied in only a few species, principally sharks, and consequently remain imperfectly understood.

What characteristics do Chondrichthyes share?

What characteristics do organisms in the class Chondrichthyes have in common? Jawed fish, lack swim bladder, have cartilaginous skeletons, energy efficient, store low-density oils for buoyancy, angled fins/wings for lift, and multiple rows of teeth.