What is ps suspension logging?

What is ps suspension logging?

Suspension P-S velocity logging (also known as suspension logging) is a method for determining shear (VS) and compressional (VP) wave velocity profiles as a function of depth, in addition to supplementing stratigraphic information obtained in soil and rock formations.

What is a ps logger?

The P-S Logging or suspension survey is a low-frequency acoustic probe which can measure compression and rotational wave velocity using indirect excitation. Allows high resolution P & S wave measurement at depths of up to 1000 m. Measurement of low frequency, more representative in situations related to engineering.

What is downhole seismic testing?

Downhole seismic test is an in-situ test and determine the velocity of primary (P) and secondary (S) seismic waves to provide the elastic soil parameters. The P and S waves velocities are used in geotechnical foundation analysis, static and dynamic soil analysis, liquefaction assessment and etc.

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What is cross hole test?

Cross-Hole testing consists of measuring the travel time of compression (P) and shear (S) seismic waves between several boreholes. It enables us to determine, depending of the depth, their seismic velocities, Vp and Vs, as well as geodynamic parameters (Young’s modulus E, shear modulus G, and Poisson’s ratio n).

What is seismic refraction method?

The seismic refraction method utilizes the refraction of seismic waves by rock or soil layers to characterize the subsurface geologic conditions and geologic structure. The waves are refracted when they cross the boundary between different types (or conditions) of soil or rock.

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How many survey holes does the cross-hole test require?

The CS is a cross-hole test that requires at least two boreholes, while DS testing requires only one.

What is a cross-hole?

Description. Crosshole (or “crosswell”) seismic measures the velocity of seismic waves between boreholes. There are two types of crosshole approaches.

What is the difference between seismic reflection and refraction?

In seismic reflection method the waves travel downward initially and are reflected at some point back to the surface, the overall path being essentially vertical. Whereas, in seismic refraction method, principal portion of the wave-path is along the interface between the two layers and hence approximately horizontal.