What exit is Route 66 off of 81 in Virginia?

What exit is Route 66 off of 81 in Virginia?

This is a free-flowing system interchange of Interstate 66 and Interstate 81.

How many exits are there on Route 81 in Virginia?

Virginia Interstate Exits

Exit number Intersects Names
81 Interstate 77 South to Charlotte, North Carolina
84 Route 619 Route 619 Grahams Forge
86 Route 618 F044 / F045 E. Lee Highway / Topaz Drive
89 Routes 11 / 100 Lee Highway, Wysor Road

What is the last exit on I-81 in Virginia?

SR 669
I-81 interchanges with SR 672 in the unincorporated village of Clear Brook, before reaching its last exit in the Commonwealth of Virginia with SR 669, west of the unincorporated village of White Hall.

What exit is Roanoke VA off 81?

Take Exit 143 off Interstate 81 onto Interstate 581 South toward Downtown Roanoke.

Where does 77 and 81 intersect?

Interstates 81 and 77 intersect in Wythe County in southwestern Virginia, and one of the leading trucking routes in the eastern U.S. traverses this region bordered by Tennessee to the west, North Carolina to the south, and West Virginia to the north.

How long is Interstate 81 in Virginia?

522.9 km
Interstate 81/Length

Is Roanoke Island in Virginia?

Roanoke Island (/ˈroʊəˌnoʊk/) is an island in Dare County on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, United States. It was named after the historical Roanoke Carolina Algonquian people who inhabited the area in the 16th century at the time of English colonisation.

What is the highest elevation on Interstate 77?

3,100 feet
The top of the climb on I-77 is a summit called Fancy Gap, and is over 3,100 feet elevation.

Are there any tunnels on Interstate 81?

There are two mountain tunnels on this route, the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel near Bland and the East River Mountain Tunnel near Bluefield. Each is a four-lane twin-tube tunnel.

How far north does Interstate 81 go?

Interstate 81 is a north-south interstate in the eastern United States. It runs from Dandridge, Tennessee in the south to Wellesley Island, New York in the north; for a total distance for about 854.89 miles (1,375.81 km). It follows the Appalachian Mountains for nearly its entire length.

Which is the east side frontage road to Interstate 81?

Photo taken by Douglas Kerr (11/08/02). County Road 191 (Island Road) acts as an east side frontage road to I-81 from Exit 51 south to CR 100. Interstate 81 reduces to two lanes as it crosses the St. Lawrence River on the Thousand Islands Bridge in this scene.

Where does Interstate 81 end in West Virginia?

Northward from their overlap, I-81 continues to Harrisonburg, Strasburg and the west end of I-66, and Winchester to exit the state through the Eastern Panhandle West Virginia. The short stretch through the Mountaineer State takes I-81 through the urban area of Martinsburg. The section concludes at the Potomac River and Williamsport, Maryland.

Where does Interstate 81 merge with Interstate 64?

Interstate 64 combines with I-81 from Lexington northeast to Staunton as part of its east-west route between Beckley, West Virginia and Roanoke, Virginia. Additional truck traffic funnels onto I-81 south from central Virginia via I-64.

Where is the Interstate 81 branch in Pennsylvania?

A branch route of Interstate 81 was designated from Scranton southeast to Pocono Township in northeastern Pennsylvania.