How often should overhead cranes be serviced?

How often should overhead cranes be serviced?

Every ten years of service, a crane will need a general overhaul based on the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) recommendation – unless the crane has been poorly maintained, or is faulty. In which case an overhaul will need to be done more frequently.

How do you maintain an overhead crane?

Ensure there are no loose, broken, or damaged parts on the hoist, trolley, bridge, runway, or electric systems. Check that the wire rope is reeved and seated in the drum grooves properly. Verify that the bottom block is not twisted (no two lengths of wire rope should touch).

How often should a crane be serviced?

For inspections, if this is not practicable, they must be completed at least annually. Cranes should be routinely inspected and tested even if they are not operated regularly. This is because the crane may have deteriorated through corrosion or be damaged.

How often do overhead cranes need to be load tested?

(a) Proof load tests of cranes shall be carried out at the following intervals: (1) In the case of new cranes, before being taken into initial use and every 4 years thereafter. (2) In the case of uncertificated cranes which have been in use, at the time of initial certification and every 4 years thereafter.

What type of crane needs a gong?

Except for floor-operated cranes a gong or other effective warning signal shall be provided for each crane equipped with a power traveling mechanism.

What is the major cause of crane accidents?

Crane accident fatalities occur from a variety of causes. The most common cause of fatalities is workers or bystanders who are struck by an object that falls from the cranes. Other causes include being run over by a crane, falling from a crane, and electrocution.

Are hard hats required for overhead crane use?

All crane operators, riggers and employees who work in the area where overhead cranes are in operation must wear the appropriate PPE, such as hard hats, safety glasses, work gloves and hard-toe boots.

How often does OSHA require cranes to be inspected?

OSHA regulations only require that such equipment be inspected during initial use and annually thereafter by a “competent person”, or by a government or private agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. The owner must, also, maintain a record of these inspections.

Does OSHA require a crane lift plan?

A Crane Lift Plan is required for every crane lift on a Dimeo project – see OSHA Subpart CC for definition of crane. The Crane Lift Plan may be valid for more than one day, as long as the configuration, location, and parameters used for developing “worst case” condition have not changed.