What is the condition which causes pain numbness and muscle weakness in the arms and legs?

What is the condition which causes pain numbness and muscle weakness in the arms and legs?

What is Guillain-Barré syndrome? Guillain-Barré syndrome (say “ghee-YAN bah-RAY”) is a problem with your nervous system. It causes muscle weakness, loss of reflexes, and numbness or tingling in your arms, legs, face, and other parts of your body. This rare condition can cause paralysis and lead to death.

What does it mean when your legs or arms go numb?

Numbness in the arms or legs is a common symptom associated with several different conditions that range from neurological damage to sensory-related conditions. In some instances, numbness may even indicate a medical emergency, such as a stroke.

What could cause sudden weakness in both arms?

Certain neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis can cause weakness and fatigue in one or both the arms. This nervous system disorder is an autoimmune disease where the outer layer of the nerve called the myelin sheath gets degenerated and the nerve is exposed and gets damaged easily.

What causes loss of feeling in left arm?

Losing sensation in your left arm may be because of something as simple as sleeping on your arm, poor circulation, or a minor injury. In these cases, the abnormal sensation is usually temporary and feeling will return when the underlying cause is resolved.

What causes sudden weakness in right arm?

Upper left or right arm weakness can be caused by nerve damage or compression of the shoulder, repetitive strain injury of the shoulder, or a pinched nerve in the neck.

What causes numbness in face and arm?

The damaged nerve can anywhere in the body. For numbness on arms and hands, the nerve damage is in most cases on face and neck. The cause of nerve damage could include a disease such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis or an infection such as shingles.