What is the mean of indispensable?

What is the mean of indispensable?

1 : absolutely necessary : essential an indispensable member of the staff. 2 : not subject to being set aside or neglected an indispensable obligation.

What is indispensable in life?

If someone or something is indispensable, they are absolutely essential and other people or things cannot function without them.

What is an example of indispensable?

The definition of indispensable is essential or absolutely necessary. When a part is needed to make a machine work, this is an example of when the part is indispensable.

Can a person be indispensable?

If you say that someone or something is indispensable, you mean that they are absolutely essential and other people or things cannot function without them. She was becoming indispensable to him.

What is indispensable tool?

adj. 1 absolutely necessary; essential. 2 not to be disregarded or escaped.

What does no one is indispensable mean?

This page is about the saying “Nobody is indispensable” Possible meaning: No person is totally essential. Anyone can become unnecessary, not needed. Anyone can lose their job.

How do you use Indispensable?

1) He had soon made himself indispensable. 2) Computer is indispensable to modern life. 3) She’s quite indispensable to the company. 4) This book is an indispensable resource for researchers.

What makes someone indispensable?

What does “indispensable” mean? Being indispensable means you are necessary for the success of your team. If you put in the skill and work necessary to be a vital and integral team member, your employer is more likely to value your position.

What is the most indispensable tool for a teacher?

7 Indispensable Tools for Teachers from YourDictionary

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  • Activities & Lesson Plans: Roadmaps to Learning.
  • Example Articles: Add Light to Lessons.
  • Word Lists: A Tool to Build Vocabulary.
  • Infographics: Put the Fun in Learning.
  • Worksheets: Easy Way to Practice Skills.

How do I become indispensable?

How to become indispensable at work

  1. Maintain high standards. Try to aim for excellence in everything you do, and demonstrate a constant work ethic.
  2. Go beyond expectations.
  3. Know the office dynamics.
  4. Develop an exclusive skill.
  5. Be trustworthy.
  6. Add value to every transaction.
  7. Collaborate.
  8. Generate new ideas.