What does the bomb mean in slang?

What does the bomb mean in slang?

2 US slang : something or someone that is very good Their new album is the bomb.

Is drop a bomb an idiom?

Used other than as an idiom: see drop,‎ bomb. (idiomatic) Alternative form of drop a bombshell. (UK, slang, euphemistic) To fart.

What do you call someone who drops bombs?

a person who drops or sets bombs, especially as an act of terrorism or sabotage. bomber jacket.

What does it mean when something bombs?

What does bombed mean? Bombed is a slang adjective that means extremely drunk or high on drugs or both. Bombed is just one of the many slang synonyms for intoxicated that involve a sense of destruction, including destroyed, blitzed, hammered, smashed, wasted, and trashed.

What does it mean when a guy calls you bomb?

This is slang. It means “You’re awesome”, “You’re cool”, or “You’re great”. Sometimes it’s used for food. ” This Kimchi is bomb.” Meaning very delicious.

What does 💣 mean from a guy?

The bomb emoji, 💣, is used to emphasize that something is mind-blowing or amazing (i.e., explosive) or the slang bomb, especially for things like parties or lookin’ good.

What is freak you out?

1. verb, slang To suddenly express anger or excitement in a very visible way. verb, slang To startle or frighten someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between “freak” and “out.” The sight of that huge needle completely freaked me out.

What does bomb the test mean?

They actually mean they failed or did poorly. Used in that way, “bomb” is fairly informal; American students might tell friends they “bombed” a test or a class, but they would be more likely to say “failed” or “flunked ” when talking to a professor or someone else in authority.

What does it mean when someone says you look bomb?

to look very untidy. Your bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it! Synonyms and related words. To be ugly or unattractive.

What does Bomb food mean?

Yes, bomb is slang for great or amazing. For food it can mean delicious.