How do I become a carousell recommended seller?

How do I become a carousell recommended seller?

How can I get featured/recommended on Carousell?

  1. Make sure your photos are awesome! This is so very important when pitching your shop for a feature.
  2. Work on your listing descriptions.
  3. Price your items accurately.
  4. Abide by Community Guidelines.
  5. Have great community feedback.
  6. Be an active member of the Carousell community.

What sells best on carousell?

The most popular categories are fashion and beauty. However, the items with the highest number of transactions are electronics and gadgets. Tablets and laptops get sold rather quickly compared to any other item listing. Other items that sell pretty fast on this platform include bikes, comics, lego, and sneakers.

Can you Unaccept an offer on carousell?

However, if you only have one available item, it is not encouraged to accept multiple offers as the acceptance of an offer is irreversible and signifies a commitment to deal. Once an offer has been made and accepted, both parties will be able to leave reviews for each other.

How do I get to spotlight in carousell?

How do I put my listing into Spotlight?

  1. Select a listing from your profile and tap on ‘Promote’
  2. Look for Spotlight and tap “x coins/click”
  3. Customise your Spotlight campaign with a daily budget by setting the target number of clicks, keywords and priority.
  4. Start your Spotlight by tapping on “Run Spotlight”.

Can I get scammed on carousell?

Generally, Carousell scam cases have been brought under the offence of cheating under section 415 of the Penal Code. The punishment for cheating is a fine and/or up to 3 years’ jail.

Is buying on carousell safe?

Is Carousell Protection safe? Carousell Protection is designed to protect both buyers and sellers with their payments and transactions. As a buyer using Carousell Protection, your payments will be held in trust and only released to the seller once you have confirmed that you have received the item in good condition.

What happens if I get scammed on Carousell?

If there is sufficient evidence that the seller has cheated you, Carousell will suspend the seller’s account. Also, if you had used Carousell Protection (Carousell’s in-app payment feature) to pay for your item, Carousell will hold your payment in escrow while the dispute is being resolved.

What is most searched on Carousell?

Electronics and mobile devices are the most popular items that are bought and sold on Carousell’s marketplace, with 78 per cent of respondents indicating their interest in such items on the second-hand market. This is followed by women’s fashion (40.2 per cent) and textbooks (38.6 per cent).

What happens if you accept offer on carousell?

Secure an agreement by accepting an offer – This, following a buyer’s making of an offer, is Carousell’s way of a firm handshake to show both parties are committed to the deal. This is because both parties would be able to exchange reviews thereafter.

How do I collect money from carousell?

Buyers pay immediately to secure their order when buying with CarouPay. Simply accept the order and ship the item. You will receive the money in your Carousell wallet once the buyer has received the item, or 7 days after delivery is dispatched. Cash out from your Carousell Wallet anytime you like!

Does carousell bump work?

3. If I Bump my item on Carousell, does it guarantee a sale? Unfortunately, we can only guarantee a higher chance of selling your item faster. Bumping increases the potential for your item to get more views.

What is profile promotion?

Profile Promotion is a new seller tool for helping you to sell better. With Profile Promotion, you can: increase your profile/brand awareness as a whole. increase awareness of your wide product range available. increase trust in potential buyers with positive reviews/stars shown.