What is the highest voltage Zener diode?

What is the highest voltage Zener diode?

about 47 V
Zener diode specifications Voltage Vz: The Zener voltage refers to the reverse breakdown voltage—2.4 V to about 200 V; can go up to 1 kV while the maximum for the surface-mounted device (SMD) is about 47 V).

Do zener diodes limit current?

Current : The current, IZM, of a Zener diode is the maximum current that can flow through a Zener diode at its rated voltage, VZ. Typically there is also a minimum current required for the operation of the diode….Zener diode specifications.

Zener Diode Voltage Values in E12 Range
3.3 3.9 4.7
5.6 6.8 8.2

How do you find the maximum current of a Zener diode?

The maximum current is calculated by dividing the power rating by the Zener voltage: I=P/V = 3W/12V = 0.25A.

What will a Zener diode do at breakdown voltage?

A Zener diode operating in breakdown acts as a voltage regulator because it maintains a nearly constant voltage, which is equal to the Zener voltage, across its terminals over a specified range of reverse-current values.

Why is there a sudden increase in the current in zener diode?

Due to rupture of bonds.

Why is there a sudden increase in current in zener diode Mcq?

Why is there a sudden increase in current in Zener diode? Explanation: The sudden increase in current in a Zener diode is due to the rupture of the many covalent bonds present. Therefore, the Zener diode should be connected in reverse bias. 2.

What is the current through the zener diode with no load condition?

With no load connected to the circuit, the load current will be zero, ( IL = 0 ), and all the circuit current passes through the zener diode which in turn dissipates its maximum power.

How do you calculate min zener current?

Vin = Vz + R * (IL + Iz(min)). What this means is that the formula should really call for Vin(min). you have a 5.1V zener. It’s Iz(min) is 10mA, and your load is 20mA.