What is the compression of the Titleist DT SoLo?

What is the compression of the Titleist DT SoLo?

Titleist touts the newest DT SoLo as its softest yet thanks to a large, surlyn-blend core with a compression of around 70. Thus, the DT SoLo is aimed at amateurs with driver swing speeds below 90 mph who want at least a touch of cushiony feel on contact.

What replaced Titleist DT SoLo?

DT TruSoft
Titleist introduced the DT TruSoft to replace its popular DT SoLo golf ball back in 2016. It had the lowest compression of a Titleist ball with the aim of reducing spin on longer shots for more distance and straighter ball flight at slower swing speeds, as well as softer feel on all shots.

What Titleist replaced the DT TruSoft?

Titleist makes several other offerings for these players, and for years the budget-friendly distance ball was the DT TruSoft. That ball is being replaced in the Titleist lineup by the new TruFeel, a low-compression, two-piece ball made for people who value distance and soft feel.

What is compression of Titleist TruFeel?

©Titleist Golf. Spin: Mid. Dimples: 376. Compression: Low.

What is the compression of Titleist DT TruSoft?

The new DT TruSoft has a compression of 60. The cover of the DT TruSoft also was updated. Engineers mixed different propriety and stock Surlyns materials to come up with a cover that is fast on drives and that can help generate greenside spin for control on pitches, chips and approach shots.

Are Titleist DT TruSoft balls good?

The new DT TruSoft is a fantastic option for those with mid to low swing speeds that are looking for added distance, but with impressive short game control and a fantastic of soft feel. At only £23 per dozen they certainly don’t break the bank and you won’t feel quite so disappointed if you happen to fire one OB.

Do lower compression golf balls go further?

Low compression golf balls are easier to compress at impact with the driver and that means there is a greater energy released on the ball. This in turn sees the ball travel farther than golf balls with a higher compression.

What is the new Titleist DT solo golf ball?

The new Titleist DT SoLo has been redesigned to provide longer distance on full shots and a soft feel with greenside control. It retains its ionomer cover, but features a new dimple design that provides a more uniform surface coverage for a more stable flight. The DT SoLo is available in both white and yellow versions.

What makes a DT solo golf ball so good?

The very low spin also helps golfers to minimize unintentional hook and slice sidespin for straighter distance. Unlike many other low spin distance golf balls, the DT SoLo still provides soft feel on all shots tee-to-green.

What are the dimple sizes on the DT solo?

The DT SoLo features five different dimple sizes sprinkled across the cover. Aerodynamically, this is intended to lower the flight and provide added roll on tee shots. The ball, also available in yellow, won gold in Golf Digest’s 2013 Hot List testing. Sound and feel: About what we’ve come to expect from the DT lineup, but a bit softer.