How do I update my Alienware X51 BIOS?

How do I update my Alienware X51 BIOS?

  1. Copy the downloaded file to a bootable DOS USB key.
  2. Power on the system, then Press F12 key and Select USB Storage Device and Boot to DOS prompt.
  3. Run the file by typing copied file name where the executable is located.
  4. DOS System will auto restart and update BIOS while system startup screen.

Should I update my Alienware BIOS?

Update, not upgrade. And it is as simple as downloading the BIOS and opening it (follow the instructions on th download page found on Dell’s support site). You should update it. There was an unintentional throttle issue in the first BIOS not present in the later BIOS versions.

How do I check my Alienware BIOS version?

How to access the BIOS on your Alienware System?

  1. Turn On your System.
  2. Tap the F2 key repeatedly as the system turns on.
  3. BIOS should load after the Alienware logo screen.

How do I upgrade my Alienware?

You can upgrade Alienware Update in the following ways:

  1. Manual update—Download and install Alienware Update 3.1. 1 from
  2. Self-update—If the application is already installed, launch the application and click the Check button on the Welcome screen to check for updates.

How do I upgrade my Alienware to Windows 10?

Upgrading to Windows 10

  1. Make sure your system BIOS is up to date.
  2. Disable Secure Boot from the BIOS.
  3. Run all the available updates on your current Windows version before performing the upgrade.
  4. Uninstall your video card driver from Programs and Features in the Control Panel.
  5. Now you can perform your Windows 10 Upgrade.

Should you update BIOS?

In general, you shouldn’t need to update your BIOS that often. Installing (or “flashing”) a new BIOS is more dangerous than updating a simple Windows program, and if something goes wrong during the process, you could end up bricking your computer.