What is FAU known for academically?

What is FAU known for academically?

Ranked among the best in the country for undergraduate research, FAU offers students a world of opportunities to dive into high-quality research, scholarship and creative experiences from the moment they step onto campus. FAU students participate in more than 6,000 undergraduate research experiences each year.

Are summer classes required FAU?

Summer Credit Requirement: Earn a minimum of 9 credits by attending one or more summer terms at either FAU or another university in the Florida State University System.

How do I find my classes at FAU?

How to View the Schedule, Register for Courses, & Make Advising…

  1. THE BEST WAY to search the Course Schedule. From the FAU home page at www.fau.edu click the “Current Students” tab along the top of the page.
  2. Business Course Prefix by Department: ACG, BUL, TAX=
  3. How to register for classes.

What is a special topics course FAU?

A “special topics” course is often used to explore new areas in sociology or new fields of faculty interest. A special topics course will not necessary be repeated — so, if you are interested in taking a 4930 course that is being offered, do not put it off until “later.” There might not be a later.

Does FAU have night classes?

To meet the needs of students who often have competing career and family demands, FAU has morning, afternoon and evening classes available each semester.

What is spot at FAU?

SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) is an anonymous and effective tool given to students at the end of each semester term to help evaluate the quality of instruction and improve the university’s education standards.

When can I register for spring classes FAU?

Advanced registration for Spring 2022 (including Intersession) will be available starting November 1, 2021 at 10 PM. Registration times are based on earned credit hours and special group designations.