How do I save MySQL query output to Excel or TXT file?

How do I save MySQL query output to Excel or TXT file?

To save MySQL query output into a text file, we can use the OUTFILE command.

How do I export data from MySQL to CSV?

Exporting data to CSV file using MySQL Workbench

  1. First, execute a query get its result set.
  2. Second, from the result panel, click “export recordset to an external file”. The result set is also known as a recordset.
  3. Third, a new dialog displays. It asks you for a filename and file format.

How do I export a MySQL query?

1. Using Command Line

  1. Navigate to the database which has the table you want to export using the following command: USE dbName. Here, dbName must be replaced with the name of your database.
  2. Select all the data from the table and specify the location of the output file. TABLE tableName INTO OUTFILE ‘path/outputFile.

How do I copy SQL query results to Notepad?

Getting Started

  1. If you want to save the results in a txt file, you can do this in SSMS. Go to Tools>Options:
  2. Select the option Result to file:
  3. Create a query and execute the query.
  4. The result saved are the following:
  5. SQLCMD.
  6. PowerShell.
  7. Import/Export Wizard in SSMS.
  8. You will open the SQL Server Import and Export wizard:

How do I export SQL query results to CSV?

14 Answers

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Go to Tools > Options > Query Results > SQL Server > Results To Text.
  3. On the far right, there is a drop down box called Output Format.
  4. Choose Comma Delimited and click OK.

How do I save XML query results to a file?

How to save SQL query result to XML file on disk

  1. Create an SQL query and save it to the file.
  2. run following: sqlcmd -S -U sa -P sapassword -i inputquery_file_name -C65001 -o outputfile_name.