What is the highest point differential in NBA history?

What is the highest point differential in NBA history?

68 point
The Cleveland Cavaliers have the highest point differential by a team in a game, with a 68 point differential versus the Heat on December 17, 1991.

What is a point differential NBA?

Point Differential is the numerical gap between points scored and points allowed. Wins in close games tend not to reflect a team’s true skill. Teams that start the season with a better record than their point differential tend to slow down and vice versa.

What is the highest scoring NBA regulation game?

ESPN.com: Page 2 : The big score. Twenty-two years ago, on Dec. 13, 1983, the Detroit Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets 186-184 in triple overtime. It was, and remains, the highest-scoring game in NBA history.

What’s the most points an NBA team has lost by?

The Denver Nuggets have posted the most points by a team in a loss, with 184 points versus the Pistons on December 13, 1983.

What is average point differential?

“Average Points Differential” Definition The Average Points Differential Tie Breaker ranks teams by the number of Average Differential points (or runs) each team involved in the tie has for all games played.

How do you calculate point differential?

This is calculated as points scored divided by points conceded, and then multiplied by 100. If two or more teams’ total points scored and goal differences are both equal, then often goals scored is used as a further tiebreaker, with the team scoring the most goals winning.

Who has the least points in the NBA player?

25 players are tied for the fewest career points, with 0 points. The first three are Greg Whittington, Ashton Hagans and Will Magnay.

What happens after 4th OT NBA?

In basketball, if the score is tied at the end of regulation play, the teams play multiple five-minute overtime periods until a winner is decided. If the score remains tied after an overtime period, this procedure is repeated. As many as six overtime periods have been necessary to determine a winner in an NBA game.

What is the highest scoring NBA game ever?

The highest scoring basketball game ever in the NBA, regardless of overtime, took place back on December 13, 1983. The Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets were high scoring acts when they met, averaging 117 points and 123 points, respectively, but there was no predicting the scoring explosion that was to come.

What was the biggest loss in NBA history?

The Blazers handed the Suns the biggest season-opening loss in NBA history. The Phoenix Suns bench watches the final seconds of the game during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, in Phoenix. The Trail Blazer won 124-76.

What is the largest margin of victory in the NBA?

The 61-point win marked the largest margin of victory in the NBA in 20 years, and the most lopsided in franchise history.

What is the biggest NBA score?

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a game against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962. It is the highest ever score made by a player in a NBA game.