How do I install a Blu-Ray player on my laptop?

How do I install a Blu-Ray player on my laptop?

Step 5: Put Blu-Ray Drive in Laptop

  1. Remove the faceplate/bezel Attached to the Cd/Dvd Drive.
  2. Remove the faceplate/bezel Attached to the Blu-Ray Drive.
  3. Attach the Cd/Dvd Drive faceplate/bezel to the Blu-Ray Drive.
  4. Remove the metal plate attached to the Cd/Dvd Drive.
  5. Attach the metal plate to the Blu-Ray Drive.

Can I use an internal Blu-ray drive externally?

Your options: Install that internal bluray drive internally. Obtain a USB enclosure with wall power to put it in. Cut a hole in the side of your case to snake out the SATA data and power cable, turning your otherwise internal drive into an “external bluray drive”

Do I need a Blu-Ray drive for my PC?

Blu-ray playback on a PC is not a problem. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, it’s definitely worth it to buy a drive that can read and write to Blu-ray media, as well as CD and DVD media. All of the Blu-ray drives come with software that supports PCs.

Can you convert an internal DVD burner to external?

Fortunately, you can connect an optical drive to your notebook over USB. Just make your own by grabbing an old laptop and converting an internal laptop DVD to external drive.

Can Windows 10 read Blu-ray?

How to watch your Blu-ray discs on Windows 10. You can watch the actual discs on your Windows 10 PC without having to convert them to a digital file. Natively, VLC won’t just play your Blu-ray discs, so you’ll need to do some tweaking.

Can a Blu-ray player be hooked up to a computer?

Since the Blu-ray player is a high-definition (HD) device, it works best when connected to a high-definition television. If you do not have such a television, you can connect the Blu-Ray player to a computer monitor by making use of a special adapter cable.

How do I connect my Blu Ray player to my computer?

How to Connect a Blu Ray Player to a Computer Monitor

  1. Connect the HDMI end of your HDMI-to-VGA cable to the HDMI port on your Blu-ray player.
  2. Connect the VGA end of the HDMI-to-VGA cable to the VGA port on the back of your computer monitor.

What can laptops play Blu ray?

Most modern computers and laptops, that come with a disc drive, have the capabilities to play Blu-ray DVDs. This includes a powerful CPU like modern AMD processor and Intel processors, a powerful GPU and software to play a Blu-ray disc.

What is the best Blu ray player for PC?

No 1. VLC media player (Windows/Mac) VLC media player is the most common and popular media player. You can also count it as one of the best free Blu-ray player software. With VLC, you can directly play an unprotected Blu-ray disc or steam Blu-ray ISO files on the computer.

What is the fastest Blu – ray drive?

Samsung Semiconductor Monday introduced a handful of new hard disks and optical drives, including a 3.5-inch desktop PC drive which it bills as the world’s fastest Blu-ray drive on the market. The Samsung SH-B123 combo drive offers read speeds of up to 12X for Blu-ray (BD-ROM) discs, 16X for DVDs and 48X for CD-ROM, according to the company.

What is an external Blu ray drive?

External Blu-ray drives are portable tools for writing and reading data on such modern high-capacity media as Blu-ray discs and DVD/CD discs.