What is a city transect?

What is a city transect?

The urban-to-rural transect is an urban planning model created by the New Urbanist Andrés Duany. The transect defines a series of zones that transition from sparse rural farmhouses to the dense urban core.

What is a transect plan?

Transect planning seeks to create immersive environments, created to preserve the integrity of each location along the rural-to-urban continuum. This is a matter of finding an appropriate spatial allocation of the elements that make up the human habitat.

Who developed the first transect model?

A transect or geographical cross-section of nature was first conceived by Alexander Von Humboldt near the end of the 18th century.

What are natural areas in the transect model called?

The rural-to-urban Transect is divided into six zones: natural (T1), rural (T2), sub-urban (T3), general urban (T4), center (T5), and core (T6). The remaining category, Special District, applies to parts of the built environmental with specialty uses that do not fit into neighborhoods.

What is the difference between transect and Quadrat?

In transect surveys, students stretch a string across a piece of ground, stake each end, and count the living things that are either underneath the string or within arm’s length of it. In quadrat surveys, students map out a square piece of ground and survey the living things lying within the square.

How is a line transect used?

A transect is a line across a habitat or part of a habitat. It can be as simple as a string or rope placed in a line on the ground. A transect is usually used to investigate a gradual change in a habitat rather than to simply estimate the number of organisms within it.

What is SmartCode transect?

The SmartCode is a model transect-based planning and zoning document based on environmental analysis. It addresses all scales of planning, from the region to the community to the block and building. The template is intended for local calibration to your town or neighborhood.

Is a line transect?

When should a line transect be used?

Line transects are used when you wish to illustrate a particular gradient or linear pattern along which communities of plants and, or animals change. They provide a good way of being able to clearly visualise the changes taking place along the line.

What are smart codes?

Unified Land Development Regulation – The SmartCode is a unified land development code that can include zoning, subdivision regulations, urban design, signage, landscaping, and basic architectural standards.