How to get Defender Class in aqw?

How to get Defender Class in aqw?

This uniquely special Class can be obtained by verifying your Guardian Character from AdventureQuest, Dragonlord from DragonFable, or StarCaptain from MechQuest. After verifying, head to the Guardian Tower in Battleon and get your Defender Class in the Guardian Shop, DragonLord Shop, or the StarCaptain Shop.

How many classes are there in AQWorlds?

It also includes advanced classes like dragonslayer. Players can unlock these jobs , typically by completing a chain of quests. Each class currently has 5 skills and two passive skills….Rep needed to rank up.

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Ingame Classes (Member) Berserker • Beast Warrior • ProtoSartorium • Doom Knight

What is the best class in AdventureQuest?

Description: Excluding DoomKnight, Pyromancer is the best class in game overall. It has amazing defensive abilities with the shields and rebirth, and great offensive abilities with it’s DoTs. I would definitely recommend this class to use on almost every boss in the game.

How do you unlock classes in Adventure Quest?

In the class menu, you can quick buy the remaining class tokens to unlock your class. That is, you only pay for the tokens you need. But, the only way to buy the class armor, weapons, and items is with the class tokens.

What is the strongest class in Dragonfable?


  • DoomKnight. The most powerful class in the game, well worth its price.
  • SnugglePanda. Completely inpenetrable defenses in addition to a spammable autostun skill make this the other strongest class in the game, by a very large margin.

How do you unlock Guardian in Aqw?

How to Unlock the Class

  1. Log into the Account Manager site at
  2. Access the ‘Unlock Verify Shops’ menu in the Account Manager.
  3. Verify your AdventureQuest account.
  4. Log back into AQWorlds and /join tower.
  5. All verified Guardians can purchase the original Guardian Class.

How do you get guardian verification in Aqw?

All you need to do is go to the AQWorlds Account Manager and login. Then you will see the option to verify your accounts.