How do you get through the Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword?

How do you get through the Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword?

In Lanayru Desert, walk forward and save at the Desert Entrance bird statue. Head down the ramp to the north. Off to your left, there’s a cactus standing by itself. Go stand near it — you can rough it up with your sword if you want, but you’re really just killing time.

How do you get the chest in Lanayru Desert?

On one of the ledges southwest of Lanayru Mining Facility, use your Clawshots to get up the ledge and reach the Goddess Cube. Fly to the small island northwest of Fun Fun Island and climb down the vines to reach the chest at the bottom of the island.

Where is the Silent Realm in Lanayru Desert?

North Desert
Once you arrive land at the North Desert, which is just outside the entrance to the Lanayru Mining Facility. You can use your dowsing mechanic and you’ll find that the entrance to the Silent Realm is located just north of the bird statue. Run on over and play the harp.

Where is the lanayru trial Skyward Sword?

Lanayru Desert
Fly down to Lanayru Desert and drop in at the North Desert bird statue. Face northeast, and look for some butterflies marking the Trial Gate.

How do you beat lanayru?

Go in close to Lynel while holding the left trigger button to lock on. When he swings at you, perform a backflip by pressing down on the analog stick and tapping the X button. If you time it properly, time will slow down and you’ll be given the option of Flurry Rush. This will allow you to repeatedly hit Lynel.

How do I get into lanayru mine?

Video Guide: Entering the Lanayru Mining Facility

  1. There are sand pits before each of these, and Electro Spumes in them.
  2. Run to the fallen statue and activate the switch.
  3. Head north through the door.
  4. On the left side of the raised area in the north are crates you can push around to make a path up to the door.

How do I get out of the Silent Realm?

1 Answer. Once you leave the starting circle, you can reenter it which will also make the timer pause. The center of the starting circle can be examined by pressing the A button, this will give you an option to leave.

How do I get out of lanayru mining facility?

Drop back down and ride the same platform all the way west until you hit the wall. Turn right and hop to the other side of the room. Climb the ladder and dispatch the Beamos. Point the Bellows at the pinwheel on the wall to open your way out.

How do you get to Lanayru Desert Skyward Sword?

Return to the Sky and fly with your bird to land on Skyloft. Make your way over to the Goddess Statue and head inside. Walk on over and place the Amber Tablet just aside the other tablets we’ve already placed. This will cause a yellow beam to appear from the sky leading to the next region, the Lanayru Desert.

Where is the yellow beam in Skyward Sword?

This will cause a yellow beam to appear from the sky leading to the next region, the Lanayru Desert. At this point you have the option of completing some side quests right now or jumping straight into the Lanayru Desert region.

Where to find the Silent Realm in Lanayru Desert?

This page contains information on the Lanayru Desert’s Silent Realm, including where to find all the Sacred Tears and Dusk Relics. When you first dive into Lanayru Desert, select the North Desert Bird Statue. That way, you will be near the spot to start the Silent Realm.

How to get to Temple of time in Skyward Sword?

Nail the creatures with Hook Beetle Bombs and you can ride the shell to the distant islands. Once again, you can back track along the perimeter of the level to get to a mine cart that can be pushed into a shortcut position. Enter the eastern door to get to the Temple of Time .