How do I connect my console to F5?

How do I connect my console to F5?

Connect the console port cable from the system to a management workstation or console server. Power on the system. Log in using the default user name root and the default password default . Note: If you cannot see or read output on the serial console, make sure that the baud rate is set to 19200.

How do I set up my F5?

Overview: Initial setup tasks and device discovery

  1. At the login prompt, type the default user name admin , and password admin , and click Log in. The Setup utility screen opens.
  2. Click Activate. The License screen opens.
  3. In the Base Registration Key field, paste the registration key.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review the EULA.

How do I set up F5 load balancer?

Adding nodes

  1. On the F5 home page, click Local Traffic > Pools > Pool list.
  2. Click the Members tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Node List.
  5. In the Address list, click to select the node that you want to add to the pool.
  6. Enter the service port number.
  7. Keep the default configurations.
  8. Click Finished. A node is added to a pool.

What is the default password for F5 Big-IP?


Login type Username Password
BIG-IP Configuration utility admin admin
BIG-IP command line root default
BIG-IQ Configuration utility admin admin
BIG-IQ command line root default

How do I reset my f5 password?

To change the administrative password from the command line, perform the following procedure:

  1. Log in to the command line.
  2. To reset the administrative password, type the following command: f5passwd admin.
  3. When prompted, type the new administrative password.
  4. When prompted, retype the new administrative password.

How do I reset my f5 LTM?

  1. Log in to the tmsh utility by typing the following command: tmsh.
  2. To restore the BIG-IP configuration to the factory default settings, type the following command: load /sys default-config.
  3. To confirm the restore, type y.
  4. Save the change by typing the following command: save /sys config.

What does F5 network do?

F5 Networks, Inc. engages development and provision of software defined application services. It offers the development, marketing and sale of application delivery networking products that optimize the security, performance, and availability of network applications, servers, and storage systems.

What is LTM in F5?

F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM) helps you deliver applications to your users in a reliable, secure, and optimized way. You get the extensibility and flexibility of application services with the programmability you need to manage your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

Is F5 a hardware or software?

F5’s BIG-IP product family comprises hardware, modularized software, and virtual appliances that run the F5 TMOS operating system. Depending on the appliance selected, one or more BIG-IP product modules can be added.

How do I check traffic on F5 load balancer?

  1. Verify the Active Connections Graphs. In the GUI > Statistics > Performance > Select a period of time ( For example 30 days)
  2. For more granular information , you can use the “tmsh show ltm virtual”, it will show you the Total number of connection, Concurrent connections, etc.

How do I restore my UCS F5 file?

  1. Log in to the Configuration utility.
  2. Go to System > Archives.
  3. Select the UCS archive you want to restore.
  4. If the UCS archive is encrypted, enter the passphrase for the encrypted UCS archive file for Restore Passphrase.
  5. To initiate the UCS archive restore process, select Restore.

How do I reset my F5 admin password?