What song plays at the end of Rio?

What song plays at the end of Rio?

“Telling the World” is the theme song of Rio, and the seventh song featured in the soundtrack of the movie. The song is presented during Rio’s ending credits and represents Blu’s point of view, as the song describes him finding the girl of his dreams.

Who sings the opening song in Rio 2?


No. Title Performers
1. “What Is Love” Janelle Monáe
2. “Rio Rio” Ester Dean featuring B.o.B
3. “Beautiful Creatures” Barbatuques, Andy García and Rita Moreno
4. “Welcome Back” Bruno Mars

Who did the music for Rio 2?

John Powell
Rio 2/Music composed by
You shouldn’t own just one and not the other. Rio 2 is a vivid and magical musical journey. Powell and Mendes have taken the music out of Rio and into other Brazilian styles other than the Rio Carnival sounds we heard in the first film.

Is there a Rio 3 movie?

It is directed by Carlos Saldanha and screenplay by Zack Snyder, Rita Hsiao and Yoni Brenner, and a sequel to 2014 film Rio 2 and 2011 film Rio. The film is scheduled for release on February 9, 2024 by 20th Century Fox.

Does Rio have singing?

The first half of the song was played in the first part of the film and is performed by The Rio Singers. The second half of the song was played after Blu and Jewel’s release back into the wild and is performed by the characters in Rio.

Does Rihanna sing the Rio song?

“Take You To Rio” is the ninth song featured in the soundtrack of Rio. It is another version of “Let Me Take You To Rio” performed as a solo by Ester Dean….

Take You To Rio
Language English

Does Disney plus have Rio 2?

Blue Sky Studios produced animated musical film Rio 2 is now available to stream on Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. It’s an animated musical comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios, and the now defunct 20th Century Fox.

What is love opening?

As expected, the opening scene to the 2015 movie is an explicit sex scene between the main character Murphy (Karl Glusman) and a woman we soon find out is not his girlfriend. Basically, expect a lot of NSFW scenes in this movie, just like 365 Days.

Is Rio 2 Based on a true story?

The film was based on a true story of a Spix’s macaw named Elvis, living in the United States. His owner agreed to let Elvis join the captive breeding program to help preserve his species.