Which is a better pet hamster guinea pig or rabbit?

Which is a better pet hamster guinea pig or rabbit?

Rabbits have more personality and make better companion pets. They also have more complex needs, so guinea pigs are less of a responsibility than rabbits. If you have time and can adhere to a schedule, rabbits are excellent company. Guinea pigs are less demanding family pets.

Do guinea pigs or rabbits bite more?

Guinea pig vs rabbit – an overview Rabbits, however, need much more space, and are more likely to bite. Guinea pigs are more fragile and do not react well to rough handling.

Which is more affectionate hamster or guinea pig?

Hamsters are more solitary and quieter than guinea pigs. Hamsters can be affectionate to humans, but without proper time to gain their trust hamsters do bite. They require daily handling and interaction to grow accustomed to you (just like guinea pigs!).

What is the difference between a rabbit and a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are smaller than rabbits and take up less room. They are excellent for grade-school children who have mastered handling and socialization techniques with hamsters or other smaller rodents. Guinea pigs are active throughout the day and night, sleeping in shifts. Their average lifespan is five to seven years.

Are guinea pigs smelly?

In general no, guinea pigs are clean little critters that regularly groom themselves. And while they may have a slight odour, they should never be overpowering or unpleasant.

What are friendlier rabbits or guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are typically very docile indeed and are far less likely to scratch, kick or nip than rabbits. This helps to make them easier to handle, and of course they only grow to a very reasonable size which makes housing them much easier.

Can you keep rabbit and guinea pig together?

We advise against keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together as: They have different needs (e.g. dietary). Rabbits, cats and dogs can carry this bacteria which can pass to guinea pigs and cause disease. Therefore, guinea pigs shouldn’t be housed with rabbits, and should be kept away from dogs and cats.

Can you put a rabbit in with a guinea pig?