What jobs can you get with a commercial art degree?

What jobs can you get with a commercial art degree?

Careers in the commercial arts that you can pursue include:

  • Illustrator.
  • Web designer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Multimedia designer.
  • Advertising manager.
  • Art director.

What is the job of commercial artist?

Commercial art includes graphic design, advertising, branding, logos and book illustrations. The job of commercial artists includes meeting with clients to determine what type of product they are looking at, speaking with the clients, reviewing proposed plans and offering suggestions to their clients.

How do I get into commercial art?

There are no set requirements to becoming a commercial artist, but most professionals hold degrees in fine arts, graphic design, commercial art, or advertising. These types of degree programs can be found at community colleges and four-year universities.

What is an example of commercial art?

Commercial art includes advertising, graphic design, branding, logos and book illustrations. Fine art includes paintings, sculptures, printmaking, photography, installation, multi-media, sound art, and performance.

Where do most commercial artists work?

Commercial artists can work for advertising agencies, marketing groups, and manufacturers, or they may work as freelance designers. Television, film, and the Web also use the services of commercial artists to design computer animation for broadcast, film, or movie credits, websites, or Internet advertisements.

Who is the person does commercial art?

Commercial artists are the people that design this type of advertising. Commercial art – sometimes referred to as advertising art – is used to inform, promote, and sell goods and services by using visual images to communicate a message.

What skills do commercial artists need?

Career Definition for a Commercial Artist

Education Bachelor’s degree in art
Job Skills Artistic ability, communication, creative, detail oriented, people skills
Median Salary (2019)* $52,110 (all graphic designers)
Job Growth (2019-2029)* -4% (all graphic designers)

What is the main purpose of commercial art?

Commercial art is art that is created for commercial purposes to promote services, products, and ideas to viewers. In the process of creating commercial art, an audience is taken into consideration when designing and/or forming the goods that are being advertised/promoted.

What is taught in commercial art?

Education in Commercial Art Students in an associate degree program can expect to complete courses in topics such as commercial and advertising art, illustration, color theory, drawing, graphic design, typography, multimedia design, commercial art technology, and photography.

What are the examples of commercial arts in entertainment?

11 Types Of Commercial Art

  • Promotion & Advertising. Paintings, illustrations, photographs and media created for promotions and advertising.
  • Visual Branding. Art used for visual branding such as logos or a brand mascot.
  • Publishing & Web Design.
  • Decorative Arts.
  • Ornamental Art.
  • Packaging Design.
  • Environments.
  • Communication.

What’s the difference between fine art and commercial art?

Commercial art included mass-produced campaigns and images while fine art consisted of one-of-a-kind unique objects. Commercial art can be in the form of advertising, branding, logos, graphic design, and illustrations.

What kind of training does it take to become a commercial artist?

What Is a Commercial Artist?

Degree Required Bachelor’s degree
Education Field of Study Fine arts, graphic design or a similar field
Key Skills Graphic design, multiple art media, creativity
Job Growth (2018-2028) 1% for craft and fine artists* 3% for graphic artists*