What means PCM in project management?

What means PCM in project management?

Project cycle management
Project cycle management (PCM) is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling a project effectively and efficiently throughout its phases, from planning through execution then completion and review to achieve pre-defined objectives or satisfying the project stakeholder by producing the right …

What is European project management?

EU Project Management is a neologism that is used to indicate all the complex activities required for the purposes of the production, drafting and submission of European projects, meaning those proposals for funding addressed to the European Union, in response to the calls for proposals that it publishes on an almost …

How many phases does the EU project cycle?

six phases
The generic project cycle for external aid programmes defined by the European Commission and all member states has six phases. In practice, the duration and importance of each phase may vary for different projects.

What are the phases of PCM?

In the case of the EC PCM, the project cycle presents five phases: Programming, Identification, Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation. In the case of the World Bank the phases would be similarly the following: Identification- Preparation- Appraisal- Approval- Implementation – Completion- Evaluation.

What is M&E cycle?

M&E cycle is similar to Project Cycle Management (see graphic below) that started from Initial Assessment stage (addressing on initial needs assessment), Planning stage (Project Design Logframe, M&E Planning & Baseline study), then will arrive at Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation stage (include Midterm evaluation …

What are project cycles?

A project cycle is the life cycle of any project that describes different project stages and separates the planning, implementation and evaluation stages from each other. This allows one to learn and make changes in the project as necessary when the project is ongoing.

What are the 5 project life cycle phases?

The five key process groups are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing.