Is the Congressional Gold Medal real gold?

Is the Congressional Gold Medal real gold?

The Congressional Gold Medal is 90 percent gold and worth about $3,600. (With design and production costs, that medal can cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce.) It all sounds kind of pointless, though, to calculate the value of the medal. The honor is priceless, whether it is made of brass or gold.

What does the Congressional Gold Medal give you?

Since the American Revolution, Congress has commissioned gold medals as its highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements and contributions by individuals or institutions. The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest award for military valor.

Who has been given the Congressional Gold Medal?

Congressional Gold Medal Recipients

Recipient(s) Date of Approval Public Law
George Washington March 25, 1776 Continental Congress
Major General Horatio Gates November 4, 1777 Continental Congress
Major General Anthony Wayne July 26, 1779 Continental Congress
Major Henry Lee September 24, 1779 Continental Congress

How do you get the Congressional Award?

Eligible individuals, ages 14 to 23, earn may earn a Congressional Award by setting and achieving challenging goals in the four program areas: Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness and Expedition/Exploration. To register for the award, click here.

How much are gold medals worth?

Olympic gold – The gold medal contains 550 grams of silver ($490) covered in 6 grams of gold plating ($380). That puts its monetary value at about $870. Olympic silver – The silver medal is made of pure silver. At the 2020 Olympics, the medal weighs in at about 550 grams, and its value is about $490.

How much is a Congressional Medal of Honor worth?

“But what it stands for is priceless.” But for some people, honor does, in fact have a price: Just over $2,200, to judge by the latest sale of a Medal of Honor on the Internet auction site eBay last Friday. Such sales are illegal under federal law, and punishable by fines of up to $100,000 and a year in jail.

What is the highest civilian award in America?

The Presidential Medal of Freedom
The Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal are the highest civilian awards of the United States.

Is the Congressional Gold Medal the same thing as the Congressional Medal of Honor?

The Congressional Gold Medal is distinct from the Medal of Honor, a military decoration for extreme bravery in action, and from the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, presented by NASA for extraordinary accomplishment in United States space exploration.

Is the Congressional Award prestigious?

About. The Congressional Award is the United States Congress’ highest honor for young Americans. It is non-partisan, voluntary, and non-competitive.

Does Congressional Award look good for college applications?

In case you have a low GPA, this is also a great chance to demonstrate your personal qualities, leadership, and community effort to your college applications, there are ways to get into college with a low GPA, and the Congressional Volunteer Award could be a great resource.

What are the criteria for Congressional Medal of Honor?

Criteria: The President, in the name of Congress, awards the Medal of Honor to the individual who, while as an active member of the Air Force distinguishes himself or herself conspicuously, at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty, by courage and intrepidity. The act or acts of heroism must have required a risk…

What are the qualifications for the Congressional Medal of Honor?

To be eligible to receive the Medal of Honor you must be a member of the U.S. military. The Navy, Air Force, and Army all award medals with unique engravings depicting their particular service branch. The Marine Corps and Coast Guard medals follow the Navy design.

What is Congressional Gold Medal ceremony?

House and Senate leaders held a ceremony to award the Congressional Gold Medal to members of the 1st Special Service Force for their role in the liberation of Europe in World War II. The 1st Special Service Force, or “Devil’s Brigade,” was a commando unit organized in 1942 and made up of American and Canadian forces.

What is the Congressional Merit Award?

The Congressional Medal of Merit is the United States Congress’ award for young Americans. This award is for ages 14 to 23. It is intended to honor individuals who have shown outstanding achievement in areas such as academics and service.