Is Rieker shoes a good brand?

Is Rieker shoes a good brand?

At Shoetique, Rieker Footwear has always been a strong and reliable brand. With their impressive reputation for comfortable and stylish shoes, this season has seen the brand become bigger than ever before.

Are Rieker shoes supportive?

Additionally, all boots made by Rieker are designed to be comfortable and stylish yet also supportive durable; you will never need to worry about your boots breaking down or not giving you enough support when you walk.

Are Rieker antistress shoes leather?

The breathable leather is stitch decorated and incredibly soft. The flat shoes also come with a riricon synthetic sole which is a consistent feature throughout the majority of the Rieker Antistress range.

Are Rieker shoes German?

About Us. Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, Rieker originally produced shoes for the affluent citizens of Northern Italy. The company soon gained a reputation for quality and has built itself into a household name in Central Europe. Rieker antistress footwear is unique.

What is the difference between Rieker and remonte?

Remonte is the sister company of leading German footwear maker, Rieker Shoes. Remonte takes the great feel and fitting of its sister brand Rieker, then adds fashion forward styling and upgraded materials to offer a beautifully finished range of boots, trainers and sandals.

Is Rieker true to size?

As always, Rieker delivers. Their shoes are true to size and need very little break in time. They are comfortable and attractive as well.

What shoes are popular in Germany?

Germany. Adidas and Puma are the most popular shoe brands in Germany. As well as in Germany, Adidas is a very famous shoe brand in all over the world.

Is remonte made by Rieker?

Are Rieker shoes good for bunions?

Rieker Shoes are world-renowned for their patented Anti-Stress technology shoes. Their shoes are designed with comfort and fitting in mind, which can be excellent for a fitting a bunion without overly compromising the fashion led design of the shoe.

What shoe brands are made in Germany?

The 9 Best German Shoe Brands You Need in Your Life

  • Melvin & Hamilton. Rajab Choukair created Melvin & Hamilton in 1988 when he realised that young men were wearing classic business shoes in their leisure time.
  • Bär Schuhe.
  • Beastin.
  • Rovers.
  • adidas.
  • Halfinger.
  • Puma.
  • Birkenstock.

Are Rieker shoes made in Germany?

Rieker Shoes began in 1874 in Germany and quickly built up a reputation in the industry for producing quality and comfortable footwear. Rieker shoes are made in their own production units in Eastern Europe, Vietnam and North Africa.

Are Rieker Shoes German?