What is there to do in Savusavu Fiji?

What is there to do in Savusavu Fiji?

  • Vuadomo Village and Waterfall. Waterfalls. By NiklasF_11.
  • Nakawaga Waterfall. Waterfalls.
  • Flora Tropica Gardens. Gardens.
  • KokoMana. Farms. By 526hazelg.
  • Waisali Rainforest Reserve. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Savusavu Hot Springs. Hot Springs & Geysers.
  • Nadamole Tours. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • KoroSun Dive. 326.

Is Savusavu safe?

Safety — Savusavu generally is a safe place to visit, but you should always keep an eye on your personal property.

What is Savusavu known for?

Savusavu is located on Fiji’s northern island of Vanua Levu. It’s famous for its hot springs, located mostly opposite the Hot Springs Hotel – although at low tide you can see the steam from numerous smaller outlets all along the foreshore.

What is the population of Savusavu Fiji?

Savusavu is smaller, with a population of just under 5000, but is a popular centre for tourists owing to its diving and yachting facilities.

How much is a massage in Fiji?

Massages range from $15-$75 depending on what you wanted to do. I just did my back and shoulders for half an hour, and it was $25 Fijian dollars. They also do hair braids.

What is Taveuni known for?

Taveuni has abundant flora and is known as the ‘Garden Island of Fiji’. It is a popular tourist destination. Tourists are attracted to the excellent diving opportunities, prolific bird life, bushwalks and waterfalls. Central parts of the island receive very high rainfall rates.

How many island groups are there in Fiji?

Fiji is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is split into 9 separate geographic island groups. The smallest is the Conway Reef Islands and Skerries, and the largest is the Vanua Levu Group.

What are the four divisions of Fiji?

Administrative divisions

  • Central Division (Suva)
  • Northern Division ( Labasa)
  • Eastern Division (Levuka)
  • Western Division ( Lautoka)

What is the deepest river in Fiji?

The Dreketi River runs 65km mostly from east to west and drains a large section of central Vanua Levu. The Dreketi River is considered to be the deepest river in Fiji and one of the few remaining rivers in Fiji that has not yet been dredged (Atherton et al., 2005).

Who were the descendants of Fiji?

Fijians, or iTaukei, are the major indigenous people of the Fiji Islands, and live in an area informally called Melanesia. Indigenous Fijians are believed to have arrived in Fiji from western Melanesia approximately 3,500 years ago, though the exact origins of the Fijian people are unknown.

What is a Fiji massage?

Fijian Massage is a unique technique in which the therapist uses his/her bare feet versus hands to do the work while their client relaxes on a floor mat.

What is the third biggest island in Fiji?

Taveuni Island
Taveuni Island, third largest island of Fiji, South Pacific Ocean. The island has an area of 168 square miles (435 square km). It lies off the southeast coast of Vanua Levu and was sighted by the Dutch navigator Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1643.