How much is it to hire a bouncy castle UK?

How much is it to hire a bouncy castle UK?

Price List 2018

Adult Bouncy Castle 15×14 – 18×18 140
Bouncy Castle 25′ x 25′ 175
Bouncy Castle 22′ x 18′ 145
Bouncy Castle 18′ x 18′ 130

Can a bouncy castle go on astro turf?

In theory, yes it is possible to set up a bouncy castle on artificial lawn, however it just isn’t financially sensible. This is because We would need to charge an unaffordably high price because of the quantity of additional weight required to secure it.

How long do you hire a bouncy castle for?

A:Rental periods vary. The typical range of rental time is 4 or 5 hours to all day (7 or 8 hours). You decide on the specific time you want the bouncy castle set up by and we’ll have the equipment set up before that start time.

Can you hire a bouncy castle on concrete?

10. Can you set up on concrete / driveways / decking? Yes, we can set up our inflatables on grass/tarmac/concrete/decking. We use our clip-on sand-bags to weight the inflatables in this instance, extra safety mats and ground sheets to protect the underneath of the inflatable and the users.

What is the average cost of a bouncy castle?

The average price for a standard bounce house will be $30 to $50 an hour or $125 to $285 per day. To rent larger bounce houses with slides, splash pools, or climbing areas will typically cost $375 to $580 a day. There are some exceptions to those rental costs though.

How much does a bouncy castle cost to run?

ENERGY. Even though bouncy castles are relatively energy efficient to run at approximately 20p per hour, this still needs to be factored in to any investment.

Why can’t bouncy castles go on artificial grass?

The reason they are not as suitable outdoors, is due to the amount that is needed even for the smallest bouncy castle, which has 6 anchor points. If you have artificial grass but would still like to hire a bouncy castle then you could look at hiring a village hall or venue.

Why can’t you put a bouncy castle on artificial grass?

Technically it is possible to put a bouncy castle on artificial grass, but it just isn’t economically viable; We would have to charge an incredible rate due to the amount of extra weight needed to secure it. On a bouncy castle with 6 anchor points that equals 978KG.

Can I put bouncy castle on patio?

Bouncy castles and inflatables can go on any area as long as it is grass and on a flat area. As all bouncy castles are different shapes and sizes, you need to make sure that you measure the area, making sure the measurements include safe space around the castle.

Are bouncy castles expensive to run?

Q: How much does it cost to run the bouncy castle all day? A: The bouncy castle runs on a 750w motor, and therefore costs around 10p per hour to run.

Where can I hire a bouncy castle in Bournemouth?

Corporate Event Hire Customers – We are legal and pay tax, invoices always issued. A popular family run Bouncy Castle, Inflatable & Soft Play business based in Bournemouth but covering all areas of Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Blandford, Verwood, Wimborne, Wareham, Dorchester, Ferndown.

Where are Alfie’s bouncy castles in the UK?

Alfie’s Bouncy Castles are a family run business offering you Bouncy castle hire for your parties & events! We cover: Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, Verwood, New Forest, Barton On Sea, Milford On Sea, Lymington, and surrounding areas.

What kind of insurance does bounce bouncy castle have?

All Equipment is to AUS & NZ Heath and Safety standards, Tested & Tagged. We also have Public Liability Insurance.

How much does a bouncy castle at DLB cost?

DLB Leisure & Entertainment have many bouncy castles available in different themes, colours and sizes, there is almost certainly one that you will like the look of!, check out our range of adult and kids bouncy castles from below Bouncy Castles Start at £50 a day, Please contact us for a competitive price.