What is Kevo plus upgrade?

What is Kevo plus upgrade?

Kevo Plus is a new upgrade for your Kevo smart lock. It delivers remote access features so you can connect to your Kevo from anywhere where you have a working internet connection. It includes the Bluetooth® enabled Gateway and Kevo Plus remote service.

How do I update my Kevo firmware?

For my Kevo Smart Lock, How Can I Upgrade To The New Version On My Android Phone?

  1. Touch “Apps”
  2. Touch “Settings”
  3. Touch “System Updates”
  4. Touch “Check for new System update”
  5. Touch “Ok”
  6. Follow next steps for new version installation – if you are ready to proceed.

Do you need Kevo plus for Alexa?

To use with Alexa, you will need to set up the Kevo Smart Lock with Kevo Plus. Place the Kevo Plus to minimize the distance between the Gateway and Kevo Lock to ensure Bluetooth connectivity. 2. Link your Kevo Smart Lock account to give the Kevo skill permission to access your locks.

Why is my Kevo plus red?

The Status LED flashes red when the Kevo batteries are low. You should also receive a low battery notification in the mobile app, and you will see the Kevo light ring’s top two LEDs turn red after you lock or unlock the door. Replace low batteries with new batteries when you see one of these indicators.

Does Kwikset have an app?

Meet the App. Available for iOS & select Android devices, the smart lock app controls Kevo right from your smartphone or tablet. Grant access with eKeys and monitor who is locking and unlocking.

How do I activate Kevo Plus?

How do I properly install a Kevo Plus to ensure that I have connection between the lock and hub?

  1. Connect the Kevo Plus hub to your router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the power adapter to a power outlet.
  3. Using the Kevo App, follow the instructions under “Pair a Device” to enable the Kevo Plus hub.

Why is my Kevo Plus red?

Can Alexa unlock Kevo?

Alexa, Ask Kevo to Unlock My Door – Kevo Adds Amazon Alexa Compatibility. With our newest update for your Kevo smart lock, we’ve added a new Kevo skill for Amazon Alexa. Now you can lock, unlock, and check the status of your Kevo locks using only your voice.