What is Jasper in Deadland?

What is Jasper in Deadland?

Jasper in Deadland is a fairly experimental show that combines and alters the mythos of a myriad of ancient cultures, as well as many highly topical modern themes and situations. While fascinating, this kind of multifaceted adaptation can be very difficult to follow on a first viewing.

When was Deadland Jasper written?

Jasper in Deadland is a pop-rock musical written by Hunter Forest and Ryan Scott Oliver, with music and lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver. It was commissioned in 2011 and premiered Off-Broadway in 2014, with a CD release in 2016.

Who was in 35MM?

35mm: A Musical Exhibition, is written by Ryan Scott Oliver and based on the photography of Matthew Murphy. 35mm features a cast of five that includes Alex Brightman (Wicked), Ben Crawford (Shrek), Jay Armstrong Johnson (Hair, On the Town), and Lindsay Mendez (Godspell, Dogfight) and Betsy Wolfe (Everyday Rapture).

What is the plot of 35MM: A Musical Exhibition?

The idea behind 35MM: A Musical Exhibition is that a picture can not only paint a thousand words, it can conjure up a song. Fifteen photographs are projected onto a screen whilst five cast members belt out tunes intended to illuminate the stories behind the images.

Who wrote 35MM?

Ryan Scott Oliver
35mm: A Musical Exhibition/Playwrights

Who did Alex Brightman play in 35MM?

Jeremy Bloom directed the production that featured Brightman (Wicked), Crawford (Shrek), Johnson (Hands On a Hard Body, Hair), Mendez (Dogfight) and Wolfe (The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Everyday Rapture).

Is Sara Berry real?

Sara Sweezy Berry (born 1940) is an American scholar of contemporary African political economies, professor of history at Johns Hopkins University and co-founder of the Center for Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins.

Where can I watch 35MM A Musical Exhibition?

John Johnson and Very Intensive Productions are pleased to announce the release of 35MM: A Musical Exhibition in Focus, an album of commentary, original cast interviews, and track-by-track song breakdowns. The album is available now (March 9) via Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming platforms.

Where can I watch 35MM musical?

Is Alex Brightman coming back to Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice musical reemerges from the netherworld, sets Broadway return for 2022. The Ghost With the Most is back from the dead. Beetlejuice. Alex Brightman starred as the titular character when the production came to Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre in March 2019, but we’re not sure if he will reprise his role.

Who does Alex Brightman voice?

Alex Brightman is a voice actor known for voicing Beetlejuice.

Is 35MM based on a true story?

In “35MM: A Musical Exhibition,” actors perform songs live in front of projected photographs by New York City artist Matthew Murphy. “Each song is basically its own story,” says Clinton Township actor Xavier Bush, billed in the “35MM” program as Man #3. …