What is an AT prepaid card?

What is an AT prepaid card?

AT PREPAID (formerly GoPhone) provides wireless service that covers the United States and offers roaming in Mexico and Canada, as well as international calling to over 200 countries. No annual contract or credit check.

Does AT have prepaid cards?

Use an AT PREPAID card (includes GoPhone Refill Card) Sign in to your AT PREPAID account. Select Make a Payment. Scroll to AT PREPAID Refill Card and enter the PREPAID PIN from the back of the card.

How do AT prepaid cards work?

AT PREPAID phones work like any other phones. They connect you to the same great network that you get with any AT wireless plan. The only difference is that with an AT PREPAID plan, you pay in advance for service rather than by a monthly bill.

How long does a AT prepaid card last?

The expiration date is based on the amount deposited, known as a refill. A $10-$24 refill expires in 30 days, a $25-$99 refill expires in 90 days, a $100 or higher refill expires in a year. Once your account balance hits $0, you then have 60 days to top up.

Is pay as you go the same as prepaid?

Is Prepaid and Pay as You Go the same thing? With prepaid plans, you pay in advance and once you’ve used up your plan you get disconnected from the service until you’ve bought another plan. If you Pay as You Go, you don’t buy a plan but rather minutes, texts, and data.

How much do AT SIM cards cost?

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Can I put my SIM card in another phone with AT?

SIM Card Basics If you have two AT phones, or two T-Mobile phones, you can transfer wireless service between them by moving the SIM card from one device to the other. You don’t have to take your phone to a retail store, or otherwise get any special permission to switch.