What happens if non-runner in forecast?

What happens if non-runner in forecast?

In Forecasts, where one horse is a non-runner, the stake is invested as a win single on the remaining selection. In races where a horse finishes alone and no forecast dividend is returned, all Forecast bets nominating that horse to finish first will be settled as a win single at Starting Price on the winning horse.

What is a non-runner bet365?

Non-Runner No Bet:We offer Non-Runner No Bet on selected Ante-Post races throughout the year. Once a race becomes Non-Runner No Bet, any bets placed on the Win or Each Way market after this point will be refunded if your selection does not run.

What happens to my bet if my horse is a non-runner?

Bets placed on Future Racing will be settled as a losing bets. Bets places on Non-Runner Money Back markets will have their stakes returned once the non-runner is declared. If you have placed an accumulator, the line related to the non-runner will be void, you will receive your stake for that line back.

How do you forecast on bet365?

Conversation. Hi, for a Reverse Forecast, you just need to select your two horses using the ‘Any Order’ check boxes under the Forecast section.

What is the dead heat rule?

Dead heat rules state that your stake should be divided by the number of competitors involved in the dead heat and then settled at the normal odds. In a dead heat situation, your stake is divided by the number of competitors involved in the dead heat and then multiplied odds you took when placing the bet.

What is race to 10 runs in Bet365?

If neither player reaches 10 runs then the option Neither is the winner. In weather affected matches, if neither of the batsmen reaches 10 runs and either are Not-Out then bets void. If neither of the batsmen reaches 10 runs and both are Out then Neither is the winning option.

What happens if you have a non runner on a Lucky 15?

What happens to a Lucky 15 with a non-runner? If a Lucky 15 includes a non-runner, all 15 bets still stand. One non-runner and one winner in a double would see you paid out to the value of the single winner. Visit Betway’s horse racing betting page.

How do you calculate reverse forecasting?

The Reverse Forecast is a bet on two runners finishing 1st and 2nd in one half and the reverse in the second half of the bet. It is effectively two straight forecasts with opposing predicted results meaning the stake is double compared to a Straight Forecast.

Can I do a placepot on bet365?

Hi Sarah, Placepots are available on the App. If you go to race meeting you are looking for and scroll to the end of the times you should be able to see them.